Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1487

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Chapter 1487

Kou Jianghuai and others, their expressions changed wildly at this time, and they looked at Lin Fan nervously!

And Mr. Xu frowned, staring at Lin Fan closely!

Lin Fan came to Dading, rolled up his sleeves, hugged Dading with his hands, and suddenly sank under his feet, shouting:

“Get up!!!”


The giant cauldron, which has not been lifted for sixty years, made a terrifying boom at this moment!

The three big feet left the ground instantly!

It was really lifted by Lin Fan abruptly!


Xu Lao and others, completely shocked!

The expression was completely distorted because of excessive horror.

Lift it up actually lifted up?

Are they dreaming?

This dragon tooth has gone through more than 60 years of history, and no one except Xu Lao can lift the Jiuzhou Ding.

What’s even more terrifying is that the Hua Xia Ding that Xu Lao lifted at the beginning was only one thousand catties.

But Lin Fan can lift it up, but he is twice as heavy!

Is this what Lin Zuo can do?

Is this the force that belongs to the army?

Kou Jianghuai and other war generals stared at this moment.

This is simply a monster!

However, the more terrifying is yet to come!

Lin Fan smiled slightly and said:

“Let’s go!”


Everyone sucked in air-conditioning, looking like hell.

Lifting a ton of giant is already exaggerated, but Lin Fan can actually walk on foot?
They, are they dreaming?




However, Lin Fan used practical actions to tell them the weight of the word Lin Zuo.

He saw Lin Fan holding the tripod with both hands, striding towards the dragon’s teeth step by step, wherever his footsteps passed, a floor tile burst open.

Until Lin Fan disappeared at the door, they didn’t recover.

He is too strong!

With such monsters as coaches for them, how can they not become stronger?

Right now, the faces of Kou Jianghuai and others were full of ecstasy, their expressions flushed with excitement, and they could not even speak.

Because they all know that this is not only a chance for them to win, but also a rare opportunity.

“It’s really awesome!”

Xu Longxiang couldn’t help but let out a long sigh, Lin Fan was a hundred times stronger than him.

Solanum also nodded, the love and admiration in his eyes became more intense:

“Yes, I didn’t expect that he could actually lift this Chinese tripod.”
Really deserved to be the man she admired!


Xu Longxiang shook his head:

“Solanum, you still underestimate this man! I lifted the tripod, but this man lifted it, but the whole China! “

Huaxia Ding!
Xu Longxiang lifted Ding, and Lin Fan lifted China!

The audience was silent.

They all understand the meaning of Xu Lao’s words. With such a being born in China, why not worry about China’s prosperity?

Lin Fan was born in China for hope, if he was born in an enemy country, it would make China despair…

And now!

Within the dragon’s teeth, all the warlords below three stars gathered together, with a smirk on their faces.

“The new instructor is coming soon. We will have to give him some color in a while.”

“Yes! I want to be the instructor of our Longya, but not so Simple!”

“Or, let him lift the Huaxia Ding outside, so that he is qualified to be our instructor.”

“Hahaha, you are really enough it’s bad, no one in Huaxia Ding has been able to lift it for 60 years. How could that newcomer be able to lift it?” Qin Xianzhong was also present in the crowd!

There is also a hint of expectation on his face, he wants to see if the new instructor is really as great as the rumors say.

All the Dragon Tooth warriors, at this time all smiled badly, with a thick scorn on their faces.

This is no wonder, after all, they are all elites in the Chinese Legion. If the instructors who come cannot be ten or even a hundred times stronger than them, how can they be able to suppress these arrogant thorns??

It is precisely because of this that Lin Fan decided to carry the tripod into the dragon’s teeth!


At this moment, everyone in the Longya Outdoor heard a terrible sensation.

And, the terrible earthquake shaking like a mountain!


Everyone looked at the door suspiciously, and following them, they saw a scene they will never forget.

A man carried the tripod into the dragon’s teeth with his bare hands!

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