Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1488

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Chapter 1488


At this moment, all the warlords feel as if their eyes are about to burst.

All looked at Lin Fan with an extremely shocking gaze!

Especially, when they saw the big tripod raised by Lin Fan, they only felt that their heads were about to explode!

“That’s… Huaxia Ding!”

They were only joking, but they didn’t expect that someone would be able to lift this ton of giant.


This is nothing short of an illusion!

Except for the founder of Longya, Xu Longxiang, who else in China today can lift such a great tripod?

At this moment, everyone seemed to have been given a hold technique. They all stood on the spot in a daze, staring at Lin Fan.

The expression is as funny as it is!

At this moment, all warriors will fully understand.

He is afraid that this one in front of you is their newly hired instructor, right?

So fierce, they want to embarrass each other?

But as a result, the opponent’s hand that just came, directly scared them stupid.

And the warlord who just said he wanted to show Lin Fan a little bit of color, he just shut his mouth.

What a joke!

Give this monster a bit of color and see?

I’m afraid he was beaten to death with a punch just as soon as he got up, right?

At this moment, the atmosphere was strange and terrifying.

All the generals seem to have seen a ghost.

They have seen all kinds of terrifying opponents, but none of them can compare with Lin Fan.

This guy is simply not human!

At this time, Qin Xianzhong is almost as electrocuted!

The whole person is completely dumbfounded!

Because he had already seen the appearance of the person who came, he felt like a thunderous roar in his heart.

“Lin… Lin Fan?”

How is this possible!

How could that rubbish be their newly hired instructor?

And there is such a terrifying strength!

Immediately after, he almost exploded his scalp when he thought that he would dare to snatch a woman from the new instructor.

This time, let alone getting promoted and making a fortune, whether he can continue to stay in Longya is a question!

“Old Qin, do you know him?”

“Old Qin, what kind of fierce is this?”

“Qin Xianzhong, are you? I’ve seen him a long time ago, who is he?”

When Qin Xianzhong yelled out Lin Fan’s name, everyone suddenly looked at Qin Xianzhong uncomfortably.
But now Qin Xianzhong can’t listen to anything anymore, and he’s paralyzed to the ground in a daze.

Qin Xianzhong seemed to have lost his soul, and his face was pale and whispered:

“It’s over, I’m over!”

At this moment, even more terrifying things happened.

Just listened to Lin Fan’s violent drink, and then the huge Huaxia Ding was suddenly thrown out, and a parabola was drawn in mid-air.


The big tripod crashed down and smashed in front of many warriors, splashing a piece of earth, rock and rubble, causing the earth to sink.

Everyone just looked straight at them, but they felt their eyes popping out.

Lifting the tripod into the dragon’s teeth is exaggerated enough.

And now, this guy can even throw the Dading 50 meters away, which makes them completely blown up.

Everyone trembled fiercely, and their breathing began to become more rapid, and they looked at Lin Fan with a ghostly look.

At this time they even doubted whether there was a god living in Lin Fan’s body!

This is a hundred times more terrifying than Xu Longxiang, the only founder of their dragon teeth back then!

“From today, I will serve as the chief instructor of Longya, you…can you take it?”

Lin Fan strode forward and asked domineeringly.

A deep wry smile appeared on the faces of all the generals. At this time, would they still dare to disagree?



At the moment, all the warriors kneel down towards Lin Fan respectfully, with an extremely respectful expression.

Shouted in unison:

“I implore Mr. Lin to be the instructor of Longya!”

Lin Fan was completely convinced with his terrifying power they.

Therefore, at this time, they have to serve!


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