Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1504

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Chapter 1504

This moment!

Longya is completely crazy!

“Stop it!!!”

Solanum and others all let out a roar of grief and anger, rushed out and rushed to the ring.

But it’s too late!

Ning Changkong’s mouth was grinning, the foot that was as heavy as Mount Tai, instantly blasted down.

Kou Jianghuai showed a wry smile and sighed in his heart. Instructor, after all, I still lose your face!


When everyone thought Kou Jianghuai was dead, a figure appeared in front of him without knowing when.


Ning Changkong couldn’t help but his expression changed wildly, and he felt a little bit exploded in an instant.

When did the other party come, he didn’t even notice it?

“That man… is the instructor of Longya?”
The whole audience was in a complete uproar, looking at the man standing on the stage wearing a Pig Bajie mask with extreme shock.

This image is too weird, right?

Appeared wearing a mask of Pig Bajie?

At this moment, Elvira was also completely stunned, because she discovered that although the man’s clothes were different from Shaun Lin, his figure was so similar to Shaun Lin.

She quickly looked around and found that Shaun Lin had disappeared sometime.

At the moment, she took a breath of air, suddenly thinking of something incredible.

The man on the ring, isn’t it really Shaun Lin, right?

Before, everyone’s attention was drawn to the ring, so when Shaun Lin left and when he changed into his clothes and mask, no one knew at all.

“Instructor, I’m sorry!”

Seeing Shaun Lin being forced to show up, Kou Jianghuai felt very guilty.

But Shaun Lin did not look back at him, but smiled faintly:

“Go on, he will leave it to me next.”

Jiang Huai gave Shaun Lin a complicated look, then nodded and walked off the ring.

And now!

Ning Changkong stared at Shaun Lin unkindly, as if staring at his prey:

“You are the new instructor invited by Longya?”


Shaun Lin laughed loudly, with playfulness and ridicule in his voice.
“What are you laughing at?”

His presumptuousness immediately made Ning Changkong angry. This guy couldn’t even laugh when he saw him?

Since returning to China, he has also met someone as arrogant as Shaun Lin.

“I thought you already knew who I was. After all, your disciple died in my hands.”

Shaun Lin said with a sneer.

After Shaun Lin said these words, the atmosphere fell into silence.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes widened, as if they had seen a ghost.

What did they hear?

This guy actually said that he killed Ning Changkong’s disciple?

“So daring!!!”

Ning Changkong suddenly jumped into thunder, and roared furiously:

“It turns out that you are Master Lin! Kill my disciple. Dare to appear in front of me, today this will be your burial ground!”

He also already knew the news of his elder disciple’s brutal murder, and he planned to participate in this legion battle. The murderer avenged his disciple.

He didn’t see the other party unexpectedly appeared in front of him, and even dared to deliberately sprinkle salt on his wound. This is simply unforgivable!


There was a complete uproar in the audience!

Master Lin?

Is this mysterious man in front of me the Master Lin who made a sensation in Jiang City not long ago?

It turned out that the instructor invited by Longya was the famous Master Lin.

Can he deal with such terrifying existence as Ning Changkong?

“You must know that in the past few years, Ning Changkong has been in the sky, and his reputation is extremely high. Even if the great master meets him, he has to avoid his edge and dare not easily fight him.”

Master Lin, how capable is he, dare to challenge him?

At this time, Elvira was completely stunned by the scene before her, and subconsciously exclaimed:

“Shaun Lin, is Master Lin?”

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