Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1505

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Chapter 1505


Hear the words!

Zhu Ru and others turned their heads one after another, looking at Elvira strangely.

“Elvira, what did you say?”

Bai Shan asked with a shocked expression, she thought she had heard it wrong.

Elvira swallowed a mouthful of surprised saliva, and then said:

“That person, very much like Shaun Lin!”

The atmosphere instantly became weird. When they got up, everyone looked stunned.

Shaun Lin, is Master Lin?

Is this possible?




Zhu Ru burst into laughter first, with a sarcastic smile on her face:

“Shaun Lin is Master Lin? Elvira, are you insane?”

“If that trash is Master Lin, do you still need to be your family’s son-in-law? Someone believes what you said. Is it?”

“Yes! Who is Master Lin? He is a famous hero. Even Longya will ask him to serve as the chief instructor. The waste of your family is a few kilograms, you don’t have any thoughts. Do you count?”

Zhu Zhide also sneered and laughed, thinking Elvira was ridiculous at this time.

Now they all noticed that Shaun Lin had disappeared, but no one would associate him with Master Lin.

Mainly in the past three years, Shaun Lin’s performance is really incompetent, there is nothing extraordinary about it he is a complete soft rice king.

So no one believes that he will be the master Lin who is famous for the whole city!

“But, he really looks alike!”

Elvira still said unwillingly, staring at the figure on the ring.

Her own husband, a man who has slept in the same bed for many years, would she not recognize it?


Her words immediately evoked even harsher ridicule.

“Like? I think any man who is a little capable, do you feel like your husband?”

“Elvira, don’t daydream! That waste of your house has been thrown away I’m going to leave you alone!”

“If he is Shaun Lin, I will open up and write the three words upside down!”

Even Lin Chentao smiled coldly and contemptuously. Said:

“Regardless of whether he is Shaun Lin or not, there is only one fate against Ning Changkong, and that is death!”

He knows Ning Changkong’s strength well, even if it is a great master against him. Absolute odds!

This Master Lin didn’t know where the nameless man came out, how could he be compared with the international master Ning Changkong?

And now!

Na Ning Changkong is pushing hard, walking towards Shaun Lin with a grinning smile:

“You, want me to tear off your body? One piece?”

That conceited look, as if Shaun Lin was already his defeated man.


Shaun Lin shook his head with a chuckle, and said:

“I, it’s been a long time since I killed the Grand Master!”


Hearing these arrogant words, everyone was immediately taken aback!

Then he burst into laughter!

Haven’t killed the Grand Master for a long time?

This is like saying that he kills a great master like a chicken but a dog, too arrogant, right?

At this moment, everyone was amused by Shaun Lin’s arrogant words, and now they thought this was a brainless fool, otherwise how could they say such ridiculous things.

“Kill me? It’s you?”

Ning Changkong laughed wildly, and suddenly stepped on the ground, the floor burst instantly, and his whole person was like an arrow from the string. Like shots.

A sweep of his legs banged towards Shaun Lin’s door, and there was a deafening horrible sonic boom!

“So fast!”

The masters present were stunned. The speed was too terrifying. In other words, they didn’t even have a chance to react.

See here!

Elvira’s scalp was numb, and her face was full of worries. At this time, she began to expect that the person on the stage must not be Shaun Lin.

“It’s over! What a disappointment!”

Lin Chentao also sneered and shook his head, as if he could already predict Shaun Lin’s death.


As soon as his voice fell, the scene in front of him was to completely shut his mouth.

At this time, a shocking scene happened on the ring, which made the sneers on everyone’s faces completely stiff!


With a terrifying sonic boom, Ning Changkong’s infinite sweep of his legs was actually blocked by Shaun Lin with one hand!

At this time, everyone heard a domineering voice from within the mask:

“Yes, just rely on me!”

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