Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1507

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Chapter 1507

With a touch of arrogance!

It’s as if Shaun Lin’s allegiance to him is a blessing that he cultivated in his previous life.
And everyone was completely stunned at this moment!

They felt that they had seriously underestimated Lin Chentao’s shamelessness. He didn’t say cheating, and now he even openly digs the corner?


Is it too arrogant?

It’s like stepping on the dragon’s teeth deliberately!

Don’t give any face at all!

This also made all members of Longya extremely angry!

If their instructors really let the opposing team poach it, even if they won the game, they would lose out in terms of results.

Because if the owl legion wins instructor Lin, it will be even more powerful. I am afraid that they will win every legion battle in the future.

Therefore, Longya is a little uneasy at this time, for fear that Shaun Lin will be tempted!

They have already regarded Shaun Lin as a god. If Shaun Lin abandon them and switch to the Owl Legion, it will undoubtedly be a big blow to them!


Xu Longxiang, Kou Jianghuai, and Solanum Kwai were all sneered after hearing this.

Because they knew that Shaun Lin would never let Lin Chentao buy it!

After all, Shaun Lin has already planned to kill Lin Chentao on the spot today!

“As long as you are willing to be loyal to me, what Longya will give you, I will give you double!”

Lin Chentao is full of confidence and seems certain that the Master Lin in front of him will definitely agree to him like a request.

The next scene made him completely angry!


At this moment, Shaun Lin burst into laughter, as if he heard a big joke.

Not just him even Xu Longxiang and the others laughed loudly!

“What’s so funny?”

Lin Chentao was so angry, he kindly solicited, but the other party actually ridiculed him?

And Shaun Lin just shook his head:

“Don’t dream, you can’t give me what they gave me!”

Longya’s promise, I helped him kill Lin Chentao!

Can Lin Chentao give me this condition?

And Shaun Lin’s words completely angered Lin Chentao.

As the young Lin Family, the future leader of the Owl Legion, what else can he not give?

For an instant, Lin Chentao showed a fierce look and smiled gloomily:

“Give a shame! In this case, then you will be my enemy from now on!”

Master Lin, right?

Since he can’t get it, Longya can never expect to get it!

“Let’s go!”

Lin Chentao roared furiously, and then planned to leave.

Right now, he decided to kill Shaun Lin and let this idiot pay for his arrogance.


Just when Lin Chentao thought he could leave, a completely cold word rang out in the court:

“I didn’t say you can go!”


Hearing this, everyone around him looked blank.

The eyes of everyone looking at Shaun Lin were full of horror. They all thought Shaun Lin was crazy!

A little instructor, dare to stop Lin Chentao from leaving?

Is this the guts of ambition?

Not just them!

Lin Chentao, who was already full of fire, was completely furious, turned his head and stared at Shaun Lin with a gloomy expression:

“What do you mean?”

This bastard broke his good deeds, and now he wants to stop him from leaving?

At the moment, Lin Chentao smiled contemptuously:

“Is it possible that you still want to kill me or not?”

He didn’t believe it anymore. , Shaun Lin really dare to do anything wrong with him?

Killing him is tantamount to being an enemy of the Lin Family and the Owl Legion. Shaun Lin, a small instructor, is so bold?


At this moment, Shaun Lin’s words completely blasted the audience!

“You… You guessed it! “

Shaun Lin gave a grinning grin, and then suddenly yelled:

“Clear the field!” “


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