Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1508

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Chapter 1508


When he heard this, the atmosphere of the audience suddenly dropped Freezing point, everyone was stunned at this moment.

Is this guy really planning to kill Lin Chentao?


This is crazy!!

This guy, does he know what he’s talking about?

At this moment, everyone is like a ghost, and his face is instantly as white as paper, horrified! “He… what is he talking about?”

“Kill Lin Chentao?” OMG! Does he know what he is doing? Even Longya wouldn’t dare to do this, so why? “

“This guy is looking for death!” If Lin Chentao lost a hair today, it would be possible for the Lin family to flatten the dragon’s teeth! “

Everyone was stunned and completely stunned!

They felt that Shaun Lin must be playing mystery, he couldn’t have such courage, it must be fake!


Without waiting for them to think about it, Xu Longxiang has already yelled out:

“Everyone, get out of here!!!”

Because of what Lin Chentao did today, Xu Longxiang had long been murderous.

But he didn’t dare to touch Lin Chentao alone, but with Shaun Lin, the result would be different.

This scene completely petrified everyone in the venue!

If it were Shaun Lin alone, they would not pay attention to it, but even Xu Longxiang had spoken…


Is Xu Longxiang crazy too?

He really plan to pierce the sky and die with Lin Chentao!

This time!

Even Lin Chentao couldn’t help but stunned, his face was full of anxiety!

“Are you all deaf? Or do you want to bury Lin Chentao?”

All members of Longya roared in unison, and then began to drive everyone away.

Everyone dared not take a breath, and left towards the door one after another.


Longya is absolutely crazy!

What happened today will surely stir the whole China tomorrow. Maybe Xu Longxiang wants the Auchan Military Court, which is too irrational.

This is simply looking for death!

“Elvira, let’s go!”

Paula and his wife hurriedly urged. They also thought that their family was so lucky, and thought they were dead, but Xu Longxiang actually wanted to clean up Lin Chentao. .

At this time, they all prayed in their hearts that Lin Chentao had better hurry up and die so that no one would embarrass them anymore.

And now!

Elvira hesitated, and said uncomfortably:

“But Shaun Lin hasn’t come back yet!”

“Ah? Then you are not happy. Click to call him. It’s not a good place to stay here.”

Elvira smiled bitterly and shook her head:

“I have called him several times, he No answer.”

At the same time!

Elvira was looking at Master Lin on the ring with a complex expression, and the doubt in her heart became more intense.

All signs seemed to indicate that the man in front of him was Shaun Lin.

And at this time, Solanum spp. came up and said with a smile:

“Miss Elvira, Mr. Lin has already been waiting for you at the door first, as soon as you go out you can see him.”

Solanum also knew that Shaun Lin didn’t want Elvira to know his identity, and he was about to kill in a while, and he didn’t want Elvira to see it either.

So at this time, we must find an excuse to support Elvira.


Elvira’s expression changed drastically. Shaun Lin has already left? Could it be that she really thinks too much? The man in front of her is not Shaun Lin?

“Elvira, since Shaun Lin is already waiting for us outside, what are you doing stupidly? Don’t hurry up?”

Shen Yuzhi urged.
Elvira glanced at Shaun Lin unwillingly, then sighed and left the door.

“Mad, this Elvira family is really out of luck! This way they can escape!”

Seeing this, Zhu Ru suddenly looked resentful, it seemed very Regrettably, Elvira and the others were not killed by Lin Chentao.

“What are you panicking? I’m not dead now, I have to finish playing in the future! The Lin Family will definitely not let them go!”

Zhu Zhide gave a cold snort, and then urged:
“Let’s go first, let’s talk about it later!”


Their conversation fell into Shaun Lin’s ears.

The corner of Shaun Lin’s mouth suddenly evoked a grin, and then pointed at Zhu Ru’s family:

“Others can go, but they can’t go!”

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