Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1509

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Chapter 1509

At this time, Even Shen Yuzhi, who has always been gentle and kind, was completely crazy, grabbing Zhu Ru slap and then slap her in the face, as if wishing to break her body into pieces.

However, the most frightened person at this time was Lin Chentao!

His eyes widened, as if he had seen a ghost!

He can’t believe what he saw!

Shaun Lin, turned out to be a great master?
A great master in his early twenties?

How is this possible!

Great Masters are all untold existences all over the world, and even their Lin family have to be treated respectfully.

The great master, who is only twenty years old, is even more unheard of, shocking the world.

If this spreads, he is afraid it will be a sensation in the world!

If the Lin Family knows that Shaun Lin is Master Lin, they will beg him to go back even if they are shy, then he is the head of the Patriarch!

Among the younger generation of the Lin family, no one can compare with them.

At this moment, Lin Chentao only felt that his self-esteem was crushed to pieces. He never thought that one day, he would lose to this Lin family’s waste and discarded young man.


Relying on the Lin family’s heritage, he finally reached his current position, but what about Shaun Lin?

He was swept out, like a bereaved dog, but it took him just ten years to become a great master?

How could there be such a person?

He just thinks he is dreaming!

However, at this time, he finally felt fear, because he knew that Shaun Lin really planned to kill him.

After all, he killed Shaun Lin’s biological mother back then!

“Escape! Run away!”

Lin Chentao was already in a mess. He originally thought that Shaun Lin was his pallet fish, but now it seems that he is Shaun Lin’s turtle.

“Boss, don’t be afraid! Shaun Lin will also participate in today’s Legion Battle today. I don’t believe that he dared to kill people in front of Shaun Lin!”

At this time, a member of the Owl Legion The warlord snorted coldly, with a deep disdain on his face.

Shaun Lin?

Hearing this, all the warlords of the Owl Legion who were originally frightened at the scene also recovered one after another.

Yes, they still have Shaun Lin!

Shaun Lin is their life-saving straw!

Today, they had asked Long Jiu to make arrangements for Shaun Lin for them, and planned to meet with Shaun Lin today.

Shaun Lin will never watch them die tragically and remain indifferent.

And these words, on the contrary, reminded Lin Chentao.


Shaun Lin is also here. Although they don’t have any intersection, he is a member of the military after all, and he is also a man of great feats. I believe Shaun Lin will not die.


The fear in his heart was forcibly suppressed!

A sneer smile appeared on his face, and he fanned the flames:

“Master Lin, you are so brave! You dare to be in front of Lin in a legion battle. Zuo’s face killing, don’t you put Shaun Lin in your eyes?”

And this time!

Zhu Ru’s family was also startled at first, and then all laughed together.

“Yes, there is a forest seat! He is one of the four major military seats in China, and his strength is unpredictable. If he shoots Shaun Lin, he will definitely die!”

Zhu Ru directly yelled:

“Shaun Lin, didn’t you think about it? Today, Young Master Lin, but I made an appointment with Shaun Lin for a meeting. You ruined this meeting, Shaun Lin will never let you go!”

“You ah wait for death!”

It seems that Shaun Lin at this time is already a dead person in her eyes!

And Lin Chentao looked at Shaun Lin aloft, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth:

“Shaun Lin, now you kneel down and apologize to me. Maybe I can still ask Shaun Lin. Please, let him let you go!”


Shaun Lin turned a deaf ear to what they said, pressing on step by step, with a murderous look in his eyes:

“How can you be sure that Shaun Lin will help you?”

Lin Chentao’s face was completely pale. He didn’t expect Shaun Lin to be so crazy, he would rather kill him at the risk of confronting the forest seat?

Is this going to die with him?

At the moment, he seemed to be irritated, and screamed:

“Shaun Lin, come and save me! If you can save my life, I will take the lead in the future. The Lin family must look at your horse’s head!”

In order to survive, he even did not hesitate to be a slave!

He can’t die!

He still has a good future. In the future, he will become the lord of the Lin family, and he will not be able to fall down at this time!

However, his words made Xu Longxiang laugh:

“Lin Chentao, the forest seat, isn’t it right in front of your eyes?”

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