Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1510

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Chapter 1510


Lin Chentao immediately let out a scream, and knelt before Shaun Lin like a dog.

At this time, Shaun Lin looked at him condescendingly, and said with a grin:

“Have you ever thought that one day you will kneel in front of me like a dog?”

In the past, he was inferior to pigs and dogs in the eyes of the Lin family, but now…

The young and old of the Lin family can only kneel in front of him and wait for death!

“Don’t kill me! Shaun Lin, I’m your big brother!”

Lin Chentao suddenly panicked, kneeling in front of Shaun Lin, begging like a dog.

There is no more pride and majesty that everyone should have!


But Shaun Lin laughed loudly, with a terrifying expression:

“Lin Chentao, the way you are now and when my mother kneeled in front of you, please let us go do you remember exactly the same?”

“But you, have you let us go?”


Lin Chentao’s expression changed again and again, and then yelled in grief:

“I am the youngest of the Lin family, if you dare to kill me, the Lin family will not let you go!”


Shaun Lin sneered and said:

“Do you think that with my current status and status, I would be afraid of a little Lin family?”

Xiao Xiaolin Home?

If someone else dared to say this, they would definitely be laughed at and arrogant, but if it was Shaun Lin, it would have a different meaning.

So Lin Chentao’s complexion became extremely ugly, because he also knew that existences like Shaun Lin could not shake even the Lin Family.

However, there is more to it!

At this moment, Shaun Lin leaned into Lin Chentao’s ear and whispered:

“In addition to being the Shaun Lin, I am the one of the blood hell that caused the Lin family to suffer. King!”


Lin Chentao’s pupils shrank fiercely, and trembling fingers pointed at Shaun Lin:

“You, you…”

But he said Shaun Lin shot directly, protruding one hand suddenly, and pinched Lin Chentao’s neck.

Then, suddenly exerted strength!


His neck snapped at the sound, and Lin Chentao’s eyes gradually faded in the next instant, and his whole body fell weakly to the ground.

He has died!


Seeing this, the Zhu Ru family is completely crazy!

Boom boom boom!

They seemed to be crazy, kowtow to Shaun Lin frantically, crying.

“Shaun Lin, don’t kill us! We are your family!”

Shaun Lin wanted to be here, so he completely ended their family!

But the moment he saw Shen Yuzhi, he hesitated.

Although Zhu Ru and her daughter were hateful, Shen Yuzhi treated them well, which made Shaun Lin hesitate.

At this time, Xu Longxiang also said in Shaun Lin’s ear:

“Shaun Lin and Zhu Family have no grievances. It is impossible to kill them. If they die, it is inevitable. Madam will be suspicious.”

Shaun Lin’s face sank, and then coldly looked at Zhu Ru’s family:

“If it’s not for the face of the second aunt, you I can only die here today! Remember, there is no next time!”

Hear this!

Zhu Ru’s family was immediately ecstatic, and quickly nodded like a chicken pecking rice:

“Don’t worry! We won’t dare anymore!”
Now they have learned that Shaun Lin is the mysterious forest seat!

That being the case, who would dare to find his fault?

Isn’t this deliberately seeking death?

“Also, I am tight-lipped about my identity. If Elvira knows my identity, you will know the consequences!”

Shaun Lin snorted coldly, and then said in disgust:

“Now, you can roll!”

And heard!

Zhu Ru’s father and daughter thanked him again and again, and then left the scene as if they were fleeing.

At this time, Shen Yuzhi bowed to Shaun Lin with a complex expression:

“Thank you!”

At this time, he was lucky not to stand with Zhu Ru and the others, otherwise, today their family would really be dead or alive.

Sure enough, the old saying goes well, but do good deeds, don’t ask about your future!

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