Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1514

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Chapter 1514

When Shaun Lin walked out of the meeting place, he saw Elvira and others waiting anxiously outside.

At this time, Elvira walked over in a violent manner, and forced Shaun Lin to ask:

“Shaun Lin, where did you go? Why couldn’t you see people?”

Elvira only realized that he was being tricked when he came out and saw no one. .

Just now, that woman 80% and Shaun Lin were in the same group and deliberately distracted her.

Iraq’s perceived white tone wrong, Shaun Lin also quickly lost smiles:

“I have stomach problems, so ran a trip to the toilet, how?”


Elvira had long expected that Shaun Lin would use this excuse to prevaricate her, but even sneered:

“Really? Then why don’t you answer the phone?”


Shaun Lin felt that something was wrong. Today’s Elvira is very special. Abnormal, it seems that we must get to the bottom of it.

“My phone was muted just now!”

Ha ha!

Elvira sneered directly:

“Shaun Lin, you still want to lie to me. I have observed you secretly a long time ago. You have been secretly in contact with Longya’s people since this time.”

“If I didn’t guess wrong .” , You are that Master Lin, right? “


Hearing this, Bai Shan and Paula behind them were shocked directly!

All looked at Shaun Lin with an incredible look, unable to believe his ears.

Shaun Lin, is Master Lin?

how can that be!

“Elvira, did you make a mistake? How could Shaun Lin be Master Lin?”

Bai Shan asked in disbelief, really frightened, his old face turned pale in an instant.

Grandmaster Lin, but a great master!

Even Ning Changkong was killed in seconds by him. How could such a heroic hero be Shaun Lin?

White Iraq is Lengheng said:

“You do not think it strange when he is not master in the forest, the forest master in him, he is not in?!”

“Re-union from him and since that time the ghost Aralia The sneaky behavior, it is not difficult to guess why all this is!”

Shaun Lin suddenly broke into a cold sweat, and he did not expect Elvira to be so smart and snowy. He just saw him in the car of Xu Longxiang, and he thought of it. Many things.

The key is that during this period of time, she didn’t even question herself.

It seems that Elvira has long been suspicious of him and has been searching for evidence, right?

Just when Elvira didn’t know what to do, a person suddenly appeared on the side.

That person turned out to be Qin Xianzhong!

He grabbed Shaun Lin’s hand nervously:

“Mr. Lin, what you promised me in the toilet, you must do it, you must say something for me in front of the leader!”


Everyone is dumbfounded!

Even Shaun Lin’s eyes were full of incredibleness.

He did not expect that Qin Xianzhong would take the initiative to help him out!

On the side, Elvira suddenly petrified:

“Mr. Qin, you mean you met with Shaun Lin in the toilet just now?”

Qin Xianzhong nodded quickly and said:

“Yes, just now Mr. Lin was going to the bathroom, I cheekily apologized to him, I only hope that Mr. Lin can forgive me!”

Elvira was stunned!

Shaun Lin, were you really in the bathroom just now?

Is it really Shaun Lin who was in the ring just now?

“Elvira, let me just say, how could Shaun Lin be Master Lin?”

Bai Shan also said with a smile.

“That’s right, you girl will

talk nonsense, if Shaun Lin is Master Lin, would he still be able to see you?” Paula also muttered in an angry voice.


Elvira couldn’t argue with a word. At this time, I couldn’t help but wonder. Is it possible that I really guessed wrong?

Then, she looked at

Shaun Lin with a complicated expression: “Shaun Lin, I’m sorry, I made a mistake. My tone was not very good just now, don’t be angry.”

Shaun Lin smiled and said,

“I’m sorry to let you wife. Disappointed!”


He looked at Qin Xianzhong coldly:

“As for you, I will tell Old Xu.”


Qin Xianzhong was immediately ecstatic, knowing that he was right.

He quickly knelt down towards Shaun Lin:

“Thank you Mr. Lin for his great kindness, Qin Xian is so unforgettable!”

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