Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1515

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Chapter 1515

The words are full of viciousness and cruelty!

He didn’t even think that it was his grandson, as if Shaun Lin lived a day, he would be restless.

Lin Tianxun suddenly laughed and said with a grim expression:

“Don’t worry, grandpa, it’s just a waste. I kill him like a chicken but a dog! This time, he will die or not!”

“Before killing him, I will broadcast live. Grandpa take a good look at how I tortured that waste!”

Everyone was silent in the audience!

There was no reaction at all, as if Shaun Lin, who was about to be killed, was just a cat and dog on the side of the road, it was not worth mentioning.

And now!

The most chilling was a middle-aged man who looked a bit like Shaun Lin, who kept silent from beginning to end.

This middle-aged man is Shaun Lin’s biological father, Lin Zhanxi!

The man who once promised to make Shaun Lin and her son carefree and live in peace, now he hears that Shaun Lin is about to live and die, but he looks like a okay person.

The expression is indifferent, even a bit contemptuous is like the dead, not his biological son.


And now!

Shaun Lin followed in Elvira’s footsteps and participated in a business meeting together.

At this time, Elvira exhorted Lin Fanqian:

“Shaun Lin, don’t talk nonsense for a while. This time we are going to meet, but one International pharmaceutical distributors!”

“Whether our vaccines can go international depends on this cooperation. You must not lose the chain!”

At this time, Elvira’s face was full of tension, and she kept taking deep breaths to suppress his uneasy mood.


Shaun Lin was smiling and calm.

Because this cooperation was arranged by him alone.

Before Elvira thought about what to do, Shaun Lin had already prepared everything.

Then, the two walked into the hotel together.

At this time, a handsome blond boy has been waiting for a long time.

But when he saw Elvira, he raised his eyelids very perfunctorily, and said casually:

“Let’s go!”

Elvira was also embarrassed about her disdain.

But at this time, she didn’t dare to have an attack. After all, she still had to ask for help. With the background of the other party, he did have the proud capital.

But Shaun Lin frowned. It seems that the person who invited the other party did not explain clearly. Otherwise, how dare to be so bold and even dare to be so disrespectful when he saw him here? After

Elvira sat down, she proactively stretched out his hand and said:

“Mr. Mayweather I have heard of your prestige in the industry for a long time, and I hope you can take care of it in the future?”


Mayweather sneered suddenly, and said:

“Don’t talk nonsense, and the exported goods in the future will be sold at three or seven cents, I will be three and you will be seven!” What!
Elvira’s expression changed suddenly, and the other party was simply a lion’s mouth.

They are responsible for a series of production, transportation, labor and so on. These are all costly. If you really calculate the cost, they will only get 10%.

How could she agree to this request?

“Mr. Mayweather, can you think about it again? Your request is too harsh for us!” Elvira said with a smile on his face. At that time, I dared not speak.

“Of course!”

Mayweather changed his expression slightly, and then a touch of licentiousness appeared on his face, reaching out and grabbing Elvira’s hand:

“The old news is that President Bai’s reputation is alive, and it is indeed well-deserved at first sight today, so let’s do it! As long as you promise to be my lover for a year, I can consider a 50-50 split, and we will provide transportation and sales channels for free.”

Elvira immediately exploded her hair, shook the opponent’s hand abruptly, and then stood up angrily:

“Mr. Mayweather, you respect it!”

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