Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1517

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Chapter 1517

“This Mayweather is too much, I knew he was such a virtue, I would never come to cooperate with him!”

As soon as he walked out of the hotel door, Elvira was furious and frustrated. .

She just feel that at this time, the anger is extremely high.

On the side, Shaun Lin laughed:

“Perhaps now, maybe he already regrets it?”


Elvira was stunned when she heard this, and then gave Shaun Lin a white look:

“How is it possible? Didn’t you see the scumbag’s attitude just now?”? And it’s because we begged for him, but not for us!”

Having said this, she sighed:

“Offended Mayweather, In the future, our Bai’s medicine business will be difficult!”

“Shaun Lin, you said I shouldn’t throw him alcohol just now?”

She has some troubles now. Regretting her gaffe, offending Mayweather in this way is tantamount to digging his own grave.

Their New Baishi cannot compete with such international pharmaceutical giants!


Right now!

“Miss Elvira, please stay!”

A cry full of fear came from the direction of the door.

Follow along!

Elvira saw Mayweather stumbled out, looking horrified.

It’s like seeing a ghost!

When he approached the door, he even fell, but he ignored the pain and threw himself at Elvira’s feet and knelt down.
“Miss Elvira, I know it was wrong! You just pretend that what I just said is fart, can we return to the negotiating table?”

Mayweather is fast at this time Scared to pee, how dare you shoot the queen?

This is simply looking for death!


He is an idiot!

He kept kowtow, he looked like he was urinating quickly, and at this time he didn’t even have the courage to look at Shaun Lin directly.


When Elvira saw Mayweather kneeling, she was also completely dumbfounded.

This…what the hell is going on?

Mayweather threatened her arrogantly just now, but after only a moment of effort, he actually knelt in front of her begging for mercy?

Isn’t she dreaming?

“Mr. Mayweather, you are…”

Elvira stared at him incredibly, and the scene before her made her feel like she was dreaming.

Mayweather was bitter and almost crying:

“Miss Elvira, it’s all my fault! I made my own claim and violated the errands I explained above. After knowing about it, the boss gave me a severe complaint!”

“He even said that if I can’t reach a cooperation with you, I won’t want to leave China alive!”

“Miss Elvira, would you forgive me this time? I am willing to provide you with all sales channels for free as a plea!”

Elvira is stunned!
Completely confused!

This happiness came too suddenly, and suddenly it made her feel overwhelmed.

She thought she had offended Mayweather, and her new Baishi must be finished.

As a result, she never expected that Mayweather not only confessed her mistake, but even offered to provide services for her free of charge.


How much can she save this year?


Seeing Elvira not speaking, Mayweather thought she was unwilling to forgive him. The tiger’s body trembled more severely, and his voice was obviously crying.

“Ms. Elvira, if you are still not satisfied, I will cover the annual transportation and import and export expenses. I can even remove all the products under my umbrella and promote your new medicines. Just ask you to spare me a dog’s life?”

“No need, as long as you can cooperate with us normally!”

Elvira waved her hand quickly, and was stunned at this time. .


Shaun Lin sneered:

“That’s not good, Mr. Mayweather was so terrible just now, how can he not give him a bit of trouble?”
Soon, Shaun Lin stared at Mayweather with a murderous look.

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