Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1518

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Chapter 1518

“Shaun Lin, don’t mess up!”

Elvira gave Shaun Lin angrily, and finally reached a cooperation, she didn’t want to cause any more troubles.

But Mayweather changed his face instantly, saying:

“It’s okay, Mr. Lin’s words are very reasonable. I must pay some compensation, otherwise my boss will definitely I won’t let me go!”

Shaun Lin has spoken, and he is destined to have heavy bleeding today.

“Mr. Mayweather, can you tell me who your boss is?”

Elvira asked in confusion, she wanted to know exactly what kind of existence it was. It can completely scare the existence of Mayweather.


Mayweather gave Shaun Lin a hesitant look.

But seeing Shaun Lin’s gaze at this time, he couldn’t help but get colder.

Mayweather shuddered immediately, and said quickly:

“I’m sorry, Miss Elvira, my boss is a special status, so I can’t tell you.”

“But please believe in our sincerity. We will never hurt you. If you have anything to ask, we will do our best to satisfy you.”

“I just hope Miss Elvira, can you forgive me!”

Mayweather’s face is full of pleading, because he knows very well that his life is in Elvira’s hands now. Still dead, all depends on Elvira’s words.

Elvira glanced at him anxiously:

“I…I forgive you!”

Elvira at this time also feels extraordinarily Bizarre and incredible.

Mayweather is actually afraid of her?

Does this really make Shaun Lin right?

However, it is a small company that has been established for less than a year. What is there to be afraid of?

Why is Mayweather so afraid of her?

And why did the people behind him treat her so seriously?

However, before Baiedo thought about it, Mayweather was excited to knock her heads:

“Thank you Miss Bai thank you!”
“I will immediately ask someone to arrange a brand new contract when I look back, and strive to sign with Miss Elvira as soon as possible!”

Then, he seemed to be afraid that Elvira would go back. Turn around and ran away.

“Shaun Lin, tell me, this is not a dream!”

Elvira said in a daze, she solved the problem of exporting medicine without spending a penny. ?

It is incredible!

Shaun Lin smiled helplessly, and said:

“Don’t worry, this is not a dream, you really did it.”

Elvira’s face is difficult. She concealed her joy and said happily:

“Our medicine can finally be sold overseas, and that way, more lives can be saved.”

See Elvira Happy, Shaun Lin is naturally happy too.

And just now!

Shaun Lin received a call from the Baishan couple and asked them to eat out together.

“Then let’s go quickly, just to tell parents the good news!”


Not long after, Shaun Lin and Elvira appeared at the agreed place.


Before they entered the restaurant, a harsh sarcasm sounded.

“Isn’t this Elvira?”

Elvira turned around in confusion. After seeing the other’s face, her whole face was completely gloomy.

Then, gritted his teeth and uttered three words:

“Li Xijun!”

Shaun Lin was stunned. It was the first time he saw Elvira so angry. , Her eyes were full of hatred and anger, as if she wanted to smash the other’s body into pieces.

Shaun Lin frowned, then looked at the woman with heavy make-up, dressed like a call girl.

What exactly did this woman do to Elvira, so that Elvira, who has always been kind, can inspire such a strong hatred.

“Elvira, why are you looking at me like this? We are good girlfriends, aren’t we?”

Li Xijun said with a smile, but his face was full of irony.

“I don’t have a girlfriend like you!”

Hearing this sarcasm, Elvira seemed mad, and screamed at Li Xijun angrily:

“Bastard! You are an inferior beast to pigs and dogs!”

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