Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1520

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Chapter 1520


For an instant, Elvira and Li Xijun were dumbfounded.

Neither of them seemed to have thought that Shaun Lin would dare to hurt others.

Li Xijun held her face, stunned for a moment, then suddenly flushed, and a thick viciousness appeared on his face:

“Dog thing, you dare to hit me?”
A waste who eats soft food, dare to beat her?

This is simply turning the sky up!

And Shaun Lin snorted coldly:
“I stole my wife’s graduation thesis, and dare to use it to humiliate her, can you not fight a bitch like you?”


Li Xijun’s hatred is even stronger. Even if this rubbish hits her, she still dares to pretend to be in front of her?

Damn it!


“Yes, I stole it! Everything I own now is snatched from Elvira, what can you do to me?”

“Two deaths Poor ghosts, you can only look at my old lady, I am so prosperous and prosperous! Then I am so jealous that you have the ability to bite me? Hahaha! “

Shaun Lin was stunned, and he also felt very surprised. , There is such a shameless person in this world?

It’s no wonder that Elvira is so angry, even if it’s him, she is afraid she can’t calm down at this time.

Precious things were snatched away, and the other party took his things to show off in front of him, and even made fun of him with this. He is afraid that no one can accept it, right?

At the moment, Shaun Lin is staring at Li Xijun with fierce eyes:

“I assure you that everything you take away from Elvira, I will let you all come back!”

If Li Xijun is at large overseas, then forget it, but since Li Xijun appears in front of him recklessly, Elvira’s debt will be collected by her.


Li Xijun was taken aback for a moment, and then burst into laughter with disdain:

“Let me lose everything I have now? Just rely on your waste?”
“Elvira, is your husband funny? Is it interesting to run the train like this?”

Hear the words!

Elvira also felt very embarrassed. Shaun Lin didn’t even know the identity and background of the other party, so he dared to talk nonsense. Isn’t this just running a train?


Shaun Lin sneered without explaining. The other party will know if he runs the train with his mouth full.

“Now, you must either get out of the way or continue to slap!”

Shaun Lin stared at Li Xijun coldly.


Li Xijun was furious, but at this time she did not dare to provoke this lunatic.

Shaun Lin sneered, then took Elvira’s hand and walked towards the interior of the hotel.

And now!

Watching them leave, Li Xijun’s face was full of hatred.

“Dog men and women, you wait for me, I want you to die!”

Said, she took out her mobile phone directly, and then dialed a call.


“How come here? Elvira, why is your face wrong?”

When they saw Baishan and his wife, they saw at a glance that Elvira’s expression was not quite right.

“Did the young couple quarrel?”

Paula also asked with concern.

Elvira gave a wry smile, not wanting to worry about her parents, so she shook her head and said:
“I’m fine!”

She knew that once she let her parents know that Li Xijun was back, they were afraid they would go crazy to find her afterwards.

Seeing this, Shaun Lin sighed, and then took the initiative to change the subject:

“Dad, Mom, Elvira is because today’s negotiation has become a big deal, I’m so happy, I haven’t recovered yet.”

Hear the words!

Baishan and his wife believed that they were true, and laughed:

“This is a good thing, then you have to celebrate! Waiter, three more bottles of Moutai!”

But after the audience, Elvira tried her best to cover up, but she was still smiling.

Although Shaun Lin was heartbroken, he didn’t know how to comfort him.

Halfway through, Baishan went to the toilet, but something went wrong when he came back.

Originally he was walking, but at a corner, a young waiter slammed into his arms, and both fell to the ground at the same time.

And the tray in the waiter’s hand flew out in an instant, and the contents were all over the floor in an instant.

Baishan grinned with pain, but it was the other person who cared first, and even took the initiative to reach out and help him: “Brother, are you okay? Does it matter?”

The waiter directly slapped his hand away and cursed:

“I am not dead, are you blind? Hurry to reincarnate?”

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