Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1521

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Chapter 1521


Baishan was completely stunned, and then angrily said:

“You little brother is too unreasonable, it’s obviously you hit me, how did it turn out? Isn’t it because of me?”

Originally, Baishan didn’t want to care about the other party, but the other party’s attitude made him unacceptable.

“Mad, dare you to talk back?”

The waiter was furious, and then rushed forward and gave Baishan a slap.

With this slap, Baishan slammed into the wall with a slap, and he couldn’t get up for a long time.

“You…how do you hit someone!”

Baishan said with some indignation, covering his face.

The other party hit him but the wicked filed a complaint first, and now he is still beating, which is too much.

“You are the one who hit!” The waiter said viciously:

“Dog things that don’t walk with eyes, you know these broken wines how expensive is it? The total amount adds up to 1.3 million, lose money!”

“One less son, I will break your leg!”


Baishan was stunned in an instant, and looked at the drinks all over the floor in horror:

“This…so expensive?”

Then, he went It was an anxious explanation:

“Brother, you have to be reasonable, you obviously hit me just now, how can it be my fault?”
He stopped when he was turning, but the opponent still rushed towards him.

What does this have to do with him?

But Baishan doesn’t know that all this is safe, and its purpose is to frame Baishan.

As expected!

The next moment, the waiter scolded contemptuously:

“Do you want to cheat? You don’t look at what this place is. If you don’t spend the money today, don’t want to leave alive!”

And then!

He took out the walkie-talkie and shouted:

“There is an old and undead trouble in Area B. Bring all the people and guys over and give him some color!”

Hearing this, Baishan suddenly burst into tears with anger:

“Little brother, you…how can you be so unreasonable!”
“The reason?” The waiter sneered, and said:

“Now, I am the reason!”

He heard the noise here. After that, many people gathered one after another.

However, there is more to it!

“I also saw it. It was indeed the old man who didn’t walk with eyes long enough. He made a mistake and made a ridiculous argument. It was really shameless!”

Followed by a sarcasm! Sounded.

And Baishan looked back suspiciously, and when he saw the opponent’s face, he was completely stunned.

“Li Xijun?”
And then!

Baishan suddenly thought of something, and a deep shame appeared on his face:

“You arranged all of this?”

Baishan Not a fool. From the moment he saw Li Xijun, he knew that this was a carefully planned conspiracy.

Hearing this, Li Xijun smiled sinisterly, but pretended to be silly and said:

“Old thing, what did you say? I only saw you hit someone and it was over. I still don’t admit it!”

“Your shameless virtue is very similar to a bitch I know. By the way, that bitch’s name is Bai Yi, do you know it?”

Hearing Li Xijun insulting his daughter like this, Baishan was completely blown up.

The eye sockets were red, and his face was grim, like an angry bull, rushing towards Li Xijun:

“Bitch! You hurt my daughter so badly, so dare you Insult her, I will tear your mouth!”

Because of Li Xijun’s back then, it took Bai Yi three full years to get out of that psychological shadow, and for this he also suffered from depression.

Now that he sees Li Xijun, he can’t wait to smash him into pieces!


Before he could take a few steps, the waiter stretched out his feet with a sneer and tripped Baishan to the ground.

That’s not counting!

In the next moment, he stepped on Baishan’s head and said with a grinning smile:

“The old thing broke our home, dare to harass our guests, you are so courageous!”

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