Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1529

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Chapter 1529

But at this time, Shaun Lin squinted his eyes and laughed, but the cold light in his eyes made people shudder!

“Well me, it’s fair!”

“They want me to compensate 13 million, so now I also let them compensate 13 million!”

“Everyone, 13 million!”


Upon hearing this, Du Yue and the waiter almost fainted on the spot!

Thirteen million?

How can they have so much money?

Even Du Yue, a high-achieving student who graduated from Harvard, has worked so hard over the years to save a few million.

Not to mention the waiter!

They simply don’t have the money to pay this huge amount of compensation!

“… Lin Lin, I was bewitched by the people, would you please show mercy ah!”

“Mr. Lin, I know that was wrong, let me ask you, I really do not have ten million ah!”

DU two more Crazy kowtow, both of them are already going to be scared!

But Shaun Lin pretended to be incomprehensible:

“What are you doing? You can blackmail me more than 10 million. If I collect more than 10 million from you, it will become unkind?” The

two people couldn’t argue, this I don’t know what to say anymore.

How could they have thought that Shaun Lin could turn over with a salted fish, and now that stealing chickens can’t eclipse rice, they’re done!


Shaun Lin’s eyes were cold and stern:

“If you don’t have money, if you don’t have money, then go to death!”

As soon as the voice fell, Shaun Lin suddenly violent, his figure was like an arrow from the string, and he rushed out in an instant!

Then, he slammed his fist towards the waiter!

See it!

The waiter didn’t dare to hide, and he couldn’t hide.

He could only close his eyes silently, hoping that Shaun Lin could calm down after punching him.

Even Du Yue, who was on the side, felt lucky. Since Shaun Lin started beating people, he would more or less calm down after beating them, and things might turn around.


They all think too much!


Accompanied by a loud noise, a piece of blood blossomed in an instant. Everyone could clearly see at this instant that the waiter’s figure rushed backwards in an instant.

After that, he smashed heavily on the wall, smashing a bloody flower!

It turned into a puddle of flesh!

However, at this time, everyone saw with horror that the front face of the waiter had sunk into a big hole!

The human form is completely gone!


Everyone was completely blown up and killed people with one punch. What kind of monster is this man?

Du Yue, who saw this scene, was frightened and paralyzed on the spot.

A face instantly turned into an earthy color, followed by a puff of yellow soup, which then seeped out of his crotch.

Originally thought that Shaun Lin hit them at most to vent his anger, but didn’t expect him to kill with one punch.

This scene directly caused Du Yue to fall into despair!

Zhou Chuxiong was also shocked by the fright, and looked at Shaun Lin in horror.

He has been standing for twenty years, but he has never seen a person who can be as violent and brutal as Shaun Lin, just like a humanoid monster!

It’s horrible to beat someone to death with one punch!

Especially, Shaun Lin’s indifferent appearance when killing someone is as casual as trampling an ant to death.

At this time, Zhou Chuxiong couldn’t help thinking, I’m afraid that the total number of people he killed in this life is not as many as the young man in front of him, right?

And just now!

Shaun Lin looked at Zhou Chuxiong coldly and said,

“If he lives, you will have to die!”


He just ignored the frightened people, and walked away.

As soon as he left, Zhou Chuxiong sat on the ground feebly, as if his whole body was drained, and his back was completely wet with cold sweat.

too frightening!

He has never seen such a terrible person in his life!

Then, he was looking at Du Yue who was not far away with cold eyes, and suddenly shouted:

“Kill! Cut this eye-opening shards a thousand knives!”

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