Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1530

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Chapter 1530

But when Shaun Lin walked out the door, he saw Ye Shihao and other four Patriarchs all coming together.

“Mr. Lin, are you okay?”

Ye Shihao asked with concern.

But Shaun Lin gave him an angry look:

“What can I do?”

“I’m sorry, I

missed it!” Ye Shihao suddenly looked embarrassed, and then he remembered that Shaun Lin is a hero. How could ordinary people hurt him? ?

“Shaun Lin, why did you come out? They didn’t make you embarrassed?”

Elvira also felt incredible, and then looked at Shaun Lin suspiciously.

However, Shaun Lin long to be good rhetoric, she smiled and said:

. “I told them, but my wife Castles south, after they heard scared urine, so do not dare embarrass me.”

“The only fly in the ointment is , Let Li Xijun that bitch run away.”

Wen Yan!

Elvira breathed a sigh of relief for a while, and said with a wry smile:

“If you run away, just run away, as long as you are fine.”

As long as their family can be safe, the past will pass.

In fact, Elvira also regretted a bit, why he had to conflict with Li Xijun? If he bears it, maybe his family will not encounter such danger.

Shaun Lin smiled without answering.


How could he let go of the culprit who ruined her wife’s future and the old man was beaten?

That woman, a poisonous scorpion heart, had successfully angered Shaun Lin, so Shaun Lin would not let her go anyway.


And at this time, Li Xijun was also desperate and took a taxi back to the hotel, looking frustrated along the way.

Because she felt embarrassed today, and even humiliated a door-to-door son-in-law.

That Du Yue was nothing but a waste. He said that there was no problem, no problem. He even let a small door-to-door son-in-law settle it.

It almost hurts her, what a mess!

“Elvira, you bitch wait for me! I won’t just leave it like that!”

Li Xijun thought viciously in her heart. After the negotiation of this cooperation, she would spend a hundred and a hundred thousand. Buying a leg of the Baiyi couple is shameful for today’s humiliation.

At that time, if she ran back abroad, China’s laws would no longer punish her.

Thinking of this, a vicious smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, and she was already a little eager to try.

But at this moment, her phone rang suddenly, and when she saw the caller ID, she panicked and quickly connected.


“Li Xijun, where are you?”

A man’s voice came from the other end, his tone seemed very anxious.

“I’m at the hotel, what’s the matter?”

Li Xijun also heard something wrong with his boss’s tone, and asked in confusion.

“I have asked my secretary to upload the customer information this time to your computer. Have you read it?”

Li Xijun’s expression changed and lied: “Oh, I read it!”

She didn’t dare to tell her boss , Just now, she actually went to the hotel to find ducks and go happy.

“Just watch it. Come here right now. Let’s sort out the contracts to be signed tomorrow to prevent errors.”

“I tell you, this time the customer is the most important customer in the history of our group, and we will never allow it. Nothing went wrong!”

This click!

On the contrary, Li Xijun was stunned. It was the first time she saw her boss so nervous that she planned to sort out the contract by herself?

This is also the first time ever!

In the past, this kind of trivial matter was handled by the boss.

Li Xijun couldn’t help wondering what kind of background the person who signed the contract this time had.

However, before she continued to inquire, the other end hung up the phone directly after a urge.

“Such a big person, you must go to see you!”

Li Xijun smiled charmingly, if the other party is a man, he might be able to hook up.

If she can really hook up with such a big man, she will have nothing to worry about in her life.

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