Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1543

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Chapter 1543

A group of strong men surrounded them all, with brutality and cruelty on their faces.

The Lin Family and all the powerhouses of Wu Gu Sect, at this moment, intend to unite and encircle Shaun Lin together.

And Shaun Lin glanced at them, and just said lightly:

“I just ask once, do you want to die or live?” It’s


His warning fell in the ears of everyone, but it seemed to be a joke.

Lin Tianxun and the others all sneered, Shaun Lin was alone, there were so many strong people on their side, plus a great master Liu Feihua.

Need to be afraid of Shaun Lin?


A group of people were still gazing at Shaun Lin’s side, and the killing intent in their eyes became more intense.

Ha ha!

Shaun Lin sneered twice, without any nonsense anymore, his figure instantly rushed into the crowd, and then began to massacre!

Puff puff!

A wave of blood spattered continuously!

Immediately afterwards, there was a mournful wailing, wherever Shaun Lin passed, a headless corpse would be left, and those strong men had no room for resistance in his hands.

This scene is like a tiger entering the flock!


Fifty steps!

Twenty steps!

Ten steps!

Shaun Lin’s figure is getting closer, and more and more people are dying, and he abruptly cut a bloody path!

At the same time, everyone present was about to urinate in fright, and each of them looked frightened, wishing to turn around and run.

How long did it take?

In less than three minutes, a group of strong men were killed or injured?


This is horrible!

The realm is above the grandmaster, and the total number is more than 20 people. Even if the power is against the grandmaster, it will have the power to fight!

But Shaun Lin, it took only three minutes to kill them, throwing their helmets and removing their armors, they couldn’t stop them?

At this moment, everyone felt their brains exploding, and the man in front of them was a hundred times more terrifying than they thought.

They had never seen such a fierce guy, facing a strong man with more than twenty grandmasters, as if they had lived in no one’s realm, at this time they could only watch Shaun Lin slaughter.

They regretted it, and regretted why they wanted to stop Shaun Lin.

This guy is serious, and there is really only one dead end who stands in his way.

Seeing Shaun Lin’s brutality, Lin Tianxun was about to urinate on the spot, and pleaded to Liu Feifan with a bitter face:

“Young Witch Master, you can do it quickly, they will almost be unable to hold it, if you don’t If they do, they will die!”

He didn’t expect that Shaun Lin could be so terrified that killing them was as simple and casual as trying to get something.

“Why? This guy does have some ways, but when he meets me, Liu Feifan, he has no choice

but to hate him.” However, Liu Feifan still looks indifferent, with a thick disdain on his face:

“Shooting is messy. , Unruly, rubbish!”

“Rapid steps, unsteady breathing, rubbish!”

“Use your strength to speed up your decline, rubbish!”

Liu Feihua, like a master, is commenting on a junior, his words full of arrogance and contempt.

It’s more than that!

Next, he looked at Shaun Lin condescendingly, and said arrogantly:

“Within a hundred moves, I will take his head!”


Hearing this, Lin Tianxun was immediately overjoyed. Seeing such ferocious Shaun Lin, Liu Feihua was not afraid of it?

What’s more, Shaun Lin’s weaknesses were found out one by one. Now Shaun Lin has nowhere to hide in front of Liu Feifan?

At this moment, he was finally considered not afraid, and a grinning smile appeared on his face:

“I think, with the strength of the Young Witch Master, I am afraid that this waste can be killed on the spot within 50 moves.”

“Young Witch Master ‘s strength. Save us!” At

this time, all the Wugu Cultists pleaded in unison, Shaun Lin was too terrifying, they could not stop it.

If Liu Feifan didn’t make a move, they would be completely killed by Shaun Lin in a minute at most.

See it!

The Young Witch Master laughed, and then strode forward and looked at Shaun Lin condescendingly:

“Boy, your path… ends here!”

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