Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1544

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Chapter 1544


Shaun Lin, who was covered in blood, turned his head and stared at Liu Feifan with scarlet eyes:

“Why do you see it?” It

has been a long time, no one has spoken to him like that!

Liu Feifan sneered, and confidently said:

“Do you still have to ask? Because you met me!”

“Meet me Liu Feifan, the young master of the witch sect, a rare wizard in China for a hundred years, you just There is only one end!”

“That is to die in wailing and despair!”

Liu Feifan looked at Shaun Lin’s eyes, as if he was looking at an ant, full of contempt and disdain:

“In view of what you have done to my men. I will not let you die too easy, Shaun Lin is not it? you ready to accept the painful torment ready yet? “


Shaun Lin cut off the head of a strong man before turning around and walking towards Liu Feifan:

“You just said, kill me within a hundred moves , right?”


Liu Feifan raised his head arrogantly.

However, Shaun Lin’s words made Liu Feifan utterly furious. He only listened to Shaun Lin’s faint smile, and then said:

“In this case, I will let you do a hundred moves! Within a hundred moves, if you can hurt me a bit, I admit myself Defeat, commit suicide on the spot!”


These arrogant words suddenly plunged the atmosphere into a dead silence.

Everyone wondered if they had heard it wrong.

Let the young witch master do a hundred tricks?

Does this guy know what he’s talking about?

The one standing in front of him, but the most outstanding genius in the history of the establishment of Wugu Sect, has not been defeated since entering the martial arts.

In the entire Huaxia realm, who doesn’t know the young witch master of the witch sect?

The great master of the older generation described him as the hope of the Chinese martial arts world, enough to be able to aspire to the global martial arts.

And this guy, in the face of such an existence, dare to speak so much?

court death!

It’s just looking for death!

“Dog stuff, who do you think the young witch master of the witchcraft sect is, let him have a hundred tricks? You can survive a hundred tricks, let’s talk about it!”

“It’s a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers. I don’t think this idiot knows Shaowu at all. Who the Lord is, I don’t know how terrible the Young Witch Master is, so I dare to

talk so much!” “No one has ever dared to tell him before the Young Witch Lord, you are the first! After a while, I will see how you die! “

All the Wugu Sect members all sneered at this moment.

Shaun Lin now looks like a big joke in their eyes, it is so ridiculous!

In that way, it’s as if an ant says to bring down an elephant. Who would believe it?

And Liu Feifan laughed loudly, and shook his head constantly:

“I admire your stupidity, then you can’t die too fast for a while! That way, I will feel very boring!” The

voice just fell!

Liu Feifan was like an arrow from the string, rushing out in an instant, and slaying fiercely towards Shaun Lin.

Bang bang bang!

The earth trembled at this moment, and the faces of Lin Tianxun and others also showed a smirk.

It seems that Shaun Lin is already a dead person!


Qi Jin suddenly erupted from Liu Feifan’s body, like a volcanic eruption, extremely terrifying.

And Liu Feifan’s mouth had a grinning smile, confident that Shaun Lin would definitely become a ball of meat sauce under his fist.

At this time, Shaun Lin moved!

With a flash of his figure, he avoided the thrilling blow. The

figure flashed out like a ghost, and instantly moved out more than ten meters.


Liu Feihua’s expression was shocked. Based on his observations just now, the opponent’s speed and body style were far inferior to him. How could he avoid it?

He…it’s not messy pace and shortness of breath, but he doesn’t need to control the pace and adjust the breathing at all to deal with us!

A grandmaster exclaimed, with a deep shock in his eyes.

At the moment, Liu Feifan suddenly felt slapped in his face, his face sank suddenly, and he roared again and slayed fiercely towards Shaun Lin.

Bang bang bang!

A terrible sonic boom resounded throughout the audience, and Shaun Lin looked confident, blocking all Liu Feifan’s offensive one by one.

Ten tricks!

Twenty strokes!

Thirty strokes!

He was really making Liu Feifan, and he didn’t fight back at all!

At this moment, everyone felt their scalp numb, and they were almost scared!

In the face of the Young Witch Master’s constant attacks and killings, this guy has been blocked without exception. Are they dreaming?

Such a terrifying guy, what kind of monster is he!

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