Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1547

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Chapter 1547

Lin Hongtu thought that Lin Tianxun had already settled Shaun Lin, so he came to give him good news.

Hearing this, Lin Tianxun flushed with shame, and wanted to find a hole in the ground.

I was confident that I wanted to solve Shaun Lin before, but Shaun Lin solved it.

“Your face is not right, are you sick?”

Lin Hongtu asked with concern, and found that Lin Tianxun’s face was sallow and sallow.

“He is not sick, but scared to pee!”

A sneer came out, and Shaun Lin grabbed the phone and faced Lin Hongtu face to face.

This is my grandpa!

An old man who never admitted that he was the Lin family, and even wished to get rid of him.

“Shaun Lin!

Lin Hongtu was shocked.

The Lin family behind him who were waiting for the good news were also dumbfounded and couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Old stuff, it’s been a long time!”

Shaun Lin joked with a smile.


Hearing this disrespectful remark, Lin Hongtu’s face suddenly became extremely ugly.

“Little beast, how could you talk to me like this?”

“You are so damned!”


Lin Hongtu roared furiously:

“Lin Tianxun, what the hell are you doing? Why don’t you kill this trash?”

“Grandpa, I…I can’t do it!”

Why didn’t he think about it?

But the problem is that he can’t do it!

Can’t do it?

A group of Lin family members are dumbfounded, what does this mean?

Lin Hongtu was also angry, and coldly shouted:

“This time you took away many elites from the Lin family, and even the Witch Gu Sect to help, how could you not be able to do it? What about them?”

In his opinion, there is no such force. Said it was Shaun Lin, even the mysterious Master Lin could easily win it.

Hear the words!

Shaun Lin suddenly laughed, turned the camera, and let Lin Hongtu and others take a closer look.

“Your elites from the Lin family are here!”


At a glance, everyone in the Lin family felt that their scalp was numb, and they were frightened on the spot.

The corpses piled up all over the ground seemed to be piled up into a mountain, blood flowed freely, and wet a piece of concrete!



Lin Hongtu and the others couldn’t believe their eyes, all the elites sent out by the Lin family were completely dead.

This… Could it be that Master Lin did it?

This is impossible!

This time the witch sect, but there is a young witch master in charge, why can’t such a genius stop a Master Lin?

“Where is the Young Witch Lord? Where is the Young Witch Lord?”

Lin Hongtu is going crazy!

His face was full of terrifying murderous intent, like a ferocious beast.

These elites, but it took the Lin family for decades to cultivate them, and the value of each is incalculable.

Now they were all killed and clean, which made him completely mad.

Now he just wants to smash Shaun Lin into ten thousand pieces!


Shaun Lin sneered, then stretched out one hand, and then grabbed Liu Feihua’s throat and dragged him to his own.

“Are you looking for him?”


All the Lin family members were scared to pee the moment they saw Liu Feifan.

At this moment Liu Feihua, covered in blood, his arms twisted weirdly, his face was pale, his aura was depressed, and he was obviously suffering a serious injury.

how so!

Young witch master, lost?

Such a proud man of heaven is not actually Lin Zongshi’s opponent?

Oh my!

How terrifying is that Master Lin?

Killing so many grandmasters, even the young witch master can defeat them?

That kind of desperate mood instantly spread throughout the Lin family, and they could not breathe.

The Lin family, who used to be aloof, experienced unprecedented fear at this moment.

Even Lin Hongtu was speechless!

It was the first time I felt Shaun Lin this trash, how terrible it was!

But at this time, Shaun Lin ignored the surprise of everyone in the Lin family, and smiled and said to Liu Feifan with a

smile : “Choose, either you die or the Lin family is dead!”

Liu Feifan’s face was flustered, and then gritted his teeth and said:

“I choose the Lin family to die! “

He knew that Shaun Lin was giving him a chance to be loyal or die!

Over there!

When the Lin family heard this, their expressions were as ugly as they were.

In other words, after today, will the witch sect general and the Lin family have a complete affair?

In the face of such a behemoth, even the Lin family dare not take it lightly, and for setting up such a great enemy for no reason, it is conceivable that they are also extremely disturbed.

And all of this is actually because of Shaun Lin this trash?

They were going to explode on the spot!

A thick hatred appeared in his eyes, and he wished to smash Shaun Lin into pieces!


The scene that made them even more angry, this has just begun!

Shaun Lin pointed the camera at Lin Tianxun who was paralyzed, and a grinning smile appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“Okay, let’s stop here for reminiscence!”

“Next, the game begins! “

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