Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1548

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Chapter 1548


Upon hearing this, the Lin family was completely furious!

Obviously, they all realized what Shaun Lin wanted to do. ,

And Lin Hongtu directly snarled:

“Little beast, if you dare to touch his hair, I want you to die!”


But the one who answered him was Shaun Lin’s heavy kick!

Ouch! ! !

Lin Tianxun suddenly screamed sorrowfully, slapped the floor with his hands in pain, as if life is worse than death.


Lin Hongtu on the other end saw this scene, suddenly furious, his eyes full of murderous intent.

He did not expect that the live broadcast Lin Tianxun said was actually a live broadcast of his abuse!

Now, two of his three grandsons have died. If Lin Tianxun is also dead now, who can carry the banner of the Lin family?


Lin Tianxun is so good that no one in the Lin family can compare with him except his two brothers.

Now he is the person most qualified to inherit the Lin family’s business. If he also dies, then the Lin family will be destroyed soon!

However, Shaun Lin didn’t care at all. His purpose was simple, to make the Lin family crazy and make them angry, just like when he was driven out of the Lin family by them!

“In the beginning, you did the same to me, and you just watched the same thing, so now I want you to watch it!”

“Looking at me, this unwelcome trash, is how to treat your Lin family the most Three outstanding geniuses, playing to death! “


Just listen to this!

All the Lin family were completely shocked!


This guy finally admitted that the three brothers, including Lin Tianxun, were killed by Shaun Lin.

It is hatred, let him kill these three great geniuses one by one!

Oh my!

What happened to this guy, he killed the two big youngsters backed by the Lin family alone?

This is incredible!

“Let him go, what do you want, I promise you!”

Lin Hongtu said with a gloomy face. At this time, he can only hold Shaun Lin first. After he rescues Lin Tianxun, he will do everything possible to make Lin Anything that dares to provoke his majesty is not good for death!

Hearing this, a playful smile suddenly appeared at the corner of Shaun Lin’s mouth:

“Anything is really

okay ?” Seeing Shaun Lin’s heart, Lin Hongtu couldn’t help but contempt, and then said:

“Yes, as long as you let my grandson go!”

Shaun Lin nodded and said, “Okay, then you commit suicide in front of me now, then I will let him go!”


The Lin family over there was completely blown up!

There is a strong anger in the eyes!

“Shaun Lin, are you looking for death? Do you think you have Master Lin to support you, so our Lin family can’t help you?”

“If you dare to move Lin Tianxun, tomorrow will be your death date!”

“Dog things , Without respect, commit the following crime! He shouldn’t have been killed in the first place!” The

sentiment is excited!

They didn’t put Shaun Lin in their eyes before, but now Shaun Lin dared to challenge them in front of them, which completely angered them.

Even Lin Hongtu was trembling with anger, looking like he was going crazy.

No one has ever dared to talk to him like this, Shaun Lin is a trash, but arrogantly boundless!

However, just as the Lin family was furious about it, a majestic middle-aged voice rang along with it.

“Shaun Lin, I order you to release people immediately!”


Seeing that familiar face, Shaun Lin was taken aback for a moment, and then his whole body trembled frantically.

Not because of fear, but because of rage!

Today, his body is filled with suffocating killing intent, just like the riot before the eruption of a volcano, so that Lin Tianxun and others present can clearly feel it.


Because the person who ordered Shaun Lin was his biological father!

Lin Zhanli!

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