Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1553

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Chapter 1553

Not to mention him, even Zhu Yuqing on the side is dumbfounded. Although she is abroad, she often reads financial news.

She had seen all these people in front of her in the financial news, and she had seen them more than once.


She never dreamed that one day she would be able to see a real person!

At this time!

After Zheng Honglian and others saw their mother and son, they also showed a kind smile.


They are treated as guests of Shaun Lin’s family, so they are so polite.

The mother and son were flattered at once, and couldn’t believe how polite these big men were to him.

In their eyes, their mother and son are just humble ants, and they are not even qualified to let each other look at them.

And this time!

“Are you here?”

Shaun Lin walked out and asked Zheng Honglian and the others with an indifferent expression.


Zhu Yuqing’s mother and son were shocked, and then angrily reprimanded Shaun Lin:

“Trash, shut up! You don’t look at your identity, are you qualified to talk to several bosses?”

“Shaun Lin, do you want to light your face? It seems like you are familiar with others. How many people like you are qualified to know?”


This title suddenly changed the expressions of Zheng Honglian and others.

It was instantly understood that the mother and son in front of them were not Shaun Lin’s guests at all, but enemies!

The corner of Shaun Lin’s mouth curled up, and he smiled playfully:

“Maybe I really know each other?”



Lu Danqing, mother and son, burst into laughter frantically and shook their heads vigorously.

“Shaun Lin, Shaun Lin, say you are fat and you are still breathing, what kind of thing are you? I don’t even look at you with straight eyes, right?”

“Shaun Lin, I advise you not to talk nonsense. If you anger these masters, be careful not to die! “


Upon hearing the words of the mother and son, Zheng Honglian and others’ expressions were completely gloomy.

And Ye Shihao roared directly:

” Asshole ! Shut up!”


Seeing Ye Shihao’s anger, Zhu Yuqing suddenly burst into laughter:

“Shaun Lin, look at what I said, Boss Ye is already angry, wait for death!”



Next, Zhu Yuqing received a slap in the face.

The beating Ye Shihao roared with a grim face:

“What I told you to shut up!”

Zhu Yuqing was knocked to the ground by a slap, his cheeks instantly swelled, and at the same time he looked at Ye Shihao in disbelief.

“Boss Ye, what are you doing? I have never offended you.”


Ye Shihao sneered:

“It is true that you are not offending me, but the person you offend is a hundred times more terrifying than me!”


What does this still mean?

Zhu Yuqing, mother and son, are confused, feeling confused, what is boss Ye talking about?

However, a terrifying scene happened!

Ye Shihao and other big men, Qi Qi walked towards Shaun Lin, and then Qi Qi bowed to Shaun Lin and said respectfully:

“Mr. Lin!”


At this moment, the atmosphere completely solidified!

Lin… Mr. Lin?

When they heard this name, Zhu Yuqing and her son were dumbfounded, and they could hardly believe their ears.

A group of big guys bowed to Shaun Lin together, calling him Mr. Lin together?

These are the top dignitaries in Jiangnan!

Which one is not worth over 100 billion?

Now he is so respectful in front of the wasteful son-in-law of Shaun Lin, calling him Mr. Lin respectfully?

Are you kidding me?

They felt almost paralyzed with fright, after all, they humiliated Shaun Lin so much just now and devalued him.

As a result, now, the top dignitaries in the whole Jiangnan come to visit together?

They are dumbfounded!

Is this so special, actually came to find Shaun Lin?

But Shaun Lin looked as usual, and turned away from the subject:

“Are you here to find Elvira?”

Why didn’t Ye Shirong and others know what Shaun Lin meant?

Immediately, they nodded their heads and said:

“Yes, we have several documents that urgently need President Bai’s signature.”



Zhu Yuqing and her son became even more confused. When did Elvira become president?

And this time!

Elvira walked out and asked doubtfully:

“What documents are so anxious, can’t you wait until tomorrow to talk to the group?”

That tone was completely the tone of a higher level reprimanding a subordinate!


Zhu Yuqing and Lu Danqing suddenly felt that their scalps were about to explode, so Elvira faced the group of bigwigs with such an attitude?

Are they dreaming?

Elvira, turned out to be so good?

Enough to order the whole Jiangnan?

And Ye Shihao said:

“There is a document about the export of the new pneumonia vaccine, and you need to sign it urgently . The leaders of the city ​​are still waiting for the contract at the company, so we hurried over.”


Even more confused!

The head of the city, personally go to Baiyi’s company to get the documents?

If this was not made by a few big guys, Zhu Yuqing and Lu Danqing simply doubted whether the other party was crazy.

At this time, Lu Danqing was completely frightened!

New pneumonia vaccine?

Is it the one that has made a global sensation recently?

At the moment, he looked at Elvira in horror:

“What is your company’s name?”

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