Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1554

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Chapter 1554

And now!

Within the Lin Family!

Shaun Lin knelt on the washboard, dumbfounding.

In front of him, Elvira leaned Erlang’s legs and stared at him intently, just like the prisoner.

Now that the matter has been resolved, it is time to settle the accounts after the autumn.

“Elvira, are you crazy? What did Shaun Lin do, you want to treat him like this?”

“He’s a big man, he doesn’t want face “

Paula said angrily, and scolded Elvira.

Elvira rolled her eyes and got used to the eccentricity of her own mother, snorted coldly:

“Why don’t you ask himself?”
The Baishan couple was stunned for a while, and then cast a suspicious look at Shaun Lin.

“Shaun Lin, what have you done, how did you make Elvira angry like this?”

Bai Shan also said with concern. Elvira didn’t seem to be so angry before, right? ?

Shaun Lin scratched his head with a look of embarrassment:

“This… is a long story!”


Elvira immediately slapped the table with anger, and roared like a tigress:


Shaun Lin had no choice but to sigh. After a sigh of relief, he said:

“Actually, I am Master Lin!”


The two elders were immediately paralyzed in shock, looking at Shaun Lin in disbelief with a lively expression.

“Shaun Lin, are you… are you kidding me?”

That Master Lin, they have been admired for a long time before, and the last time they were on the ring was also a big show Xiongfeng, everyone cheers!

At that time Elvira suspected that Shaun Lin was Master Lin, but it was quickly rejected, and they didn’t think much about it.

Now it seems that Shaun Lin is actually lying to them?


Shaun Lin is Master Lin, are they dreaming?


This must be an illusion!
Grandmaster Lin was the existence that made the whole Jiangnan sensational, and even the existence like Longya asked him to serve as an instructor, a great master high above, like an immortal existence.

It is no exaggeration to say that in front of such existence, these mortals are nothing more than ants.

But now!

Elvira actually told them that their son-in-law, Shaun Lin, turned out to be that powerful Master Lin?

This kind of shock is even more shocking and exaggerated than saying that Shaun Lin is the richest man in the province, making these two elders immediately bewildered.

Simply unacceptable!

Shaun Lin said embarrassedly:

“Parents, I’m sorry, I have kept this from you for so long!”


The two elders were shocked again, their faces were pale, and they dared not look straight at Shaun Lin at this time.

They have always regarded Shaun Lin as a waste!

Especially Paula, who insulted Shaun Lin more than once before, didn’t treat him as a human being at all.

As a result, the waste son-in-law in their eyes turned out to be a fairy figure they need to look up to?

This is like a dream to them!

Elvira also snorted coldly, and said angrily:

“It’s not them that you’re sorry, it’s me that you are most sorry!”

“Three years for three full years! You bastard, you lied to me for three full years!”

“You are so powerful, but you pretend to be rubbish, let others look down on me, and make me look down on me! I hate you to death!”

Elvira became more angry and just got up and beat Lin fat. Where.

Shaun Lin laughed loudly, then picked her up with his backhand and held her in a princess hug. The action suddenly became a little ambiguous.

“Rogue, let me down!”

Elvira immediately blushed and scolded viciously.

This guy doesn’t have any guilt at all. It’s really annoying that he even dared to fight him by himself!

“Don’t let it go!”

Shaun Lin sneered, and smirked at the same time:

“Before you seemed to say you planned to have a baby, I think It’s the right time tonight!” As said, he involuntarily hugged Elvira and walked towards the room between them.

“I haven’t taken a shower yet, you…you shameless!” Elvira cursed blushingly, and hit Shaun Lin hard on the chest.

The parents are still there, but Shaun Lin is not ashamed of speaking so blatantly.


Both Bai Shan and Paula were so frightened that they didn’t even hear what they were talking about.

For a long time, Bai Shan looked at Paula with a surprised expression:

“Yume, you slap me!”

Paula was also not scared. Lightly, stammered:

“Hit. .. What are you doing? “

“I want to see if I am dreaming.” “


However, Paula gave Baishan a slap, which accidentally interrupted his posterior molars.

However, Baishan didn’t care at all. Instead, he said with ecstasy:

“It hurts! This is not a dream, it is true! “

“My son-in-law of Baishan is his mother’s great master!” Hahaha! “


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