Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1558

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Chapter 1558


Elvira was stunned, because she suddenly saw that the box reserved by Jin Chengen was already full of people.

And these people turned out to be her college classmates!

“Young Master Jin, are you here? Just waiting for you to pay the bill, huh? Elvira, are you there too?”

A group of classmates greeted him, and one of them said playfully,

“You two golden girls , they come together “?

Baiyi Gang would like to refute, but they Jincheng En haha laughed:

“? how, can not I ” “

Yes, of course, the two of you is perfect for each pair had never been seen in college, as it We should be married. When should we invite us to have a wedding wine?”

Elvira frowned, and was very dissatisfied with Jin Chengen’s nonsense without her permission.

“What kind of golden boy and jade

girl , Elvira has long found a little white face!” At this time, a mean voice said, and a woman walked out with a sneer on the corner of her mouth.

Liu Biqin was also a classmate of Elvira University and a suitor of Jin Chengen, but later Jin Chengen chose Elvira.

Therefore, it is conceivable that she is not very friendly to Elvira, so this meeting began to be short.

“Elvira, isn’t your husband Jin Chengen?”

Everyone looked at Elvira in surprise, after all, the two were so good-matched back then at university.

It is the existence that everyone admires, they all think that Elvira and Jin Chengen will go to the end.

Liu Biqin suddenly sneered and said:

“How can she have such a good life, I heard that her husband is a little white face who eats soft rice, and is an uncle who has nothing to do at home!”

“Because of this, the Bai family also swept Elvira out. You have to say that Elvira is really unique. Don’t let Jin Chengen, such a rich and handsome man, marry a little white face?” As soon as he

heard this, everyone did. Both stared at Elvira with weird expressions. Elvira found a little white face?

Thought this was swept away by the Bai family?

Is this the brain having clubbing?

At the moment, all the classmates looked at her with deep contempt and weirdness.

At this time, Jin Chengen pretended to scold:

“Liu Biqin, get out of me if you talk nonsense! I left first, and it has nothing to do with Elvira!”

This statement came out!

Everyone immediately praised it!

“It’s been so many years, Cheng En is still such a gentleman!”

“The chairman of the student union is different, and his speech and manners are getting more and more different.”

“No, I heard that there are more than a dozen companies under their name. , I became the chairman of the board at a young age!”

“Haha, I see some people, I’m afraid the intestines are about to regret it!”

Everyone pleased Jin Chengen, but they did not forget to step on Elvira.

However, the most vicious person is Liu Biqin!

“Elvira, you have a family, how come you come out to meet your old

friend ? Are you not going to cheat ?” Liu Biqin said with a sneer,

“Why, the guy at home can’t feed you enough, so I have to go outside to eat. ? ” “

you! “

white face in Iraq is the phrase gas green eyes suddenly appeared a touch of anger.

When the students present heard this, they looked at Elvira’s eyes more and more contemptuously.

It’s really shameless to come out and fuck after getting married.

“Liu Biqin, did you deliberately find fault for me?”

Jin Chengen suddenly glared at Liu Biqin, his eyes full of anger.

Seeing his anger, everyone present suddenly stopped talking nonsense. After all, the current Jin Chengen is the most powerful among them.

Hear the words!

Liu Biqin’s face suddenly became hard to see the extreme, and a deep fire of jealousy ignited in her heart.

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