Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1559

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Chapter 1559

“Elvira, sit down!”

Jin Chengen opened the chair for her very gentlemanly, but he was very proud. Now Elvira should know what consequences will follow a trash, right?

However, Elvira did not react at all, and even wanted to laugh a little.

As soon as Liu Biqin and Jin Chengen sang and got together, I’m afraid they would have discussed it long ago, right?

How many ghosts and snakes she has seen in the past year, how can she not understand this little trick?

For Jin Chengen, I became more and more disdainful and disappointed!

It turns out that this is the real face of this man!

When I said that I would abandon it, I would abandon it, but now I want to come back and destroy her family. Who do you think of her as Elvira?

“Let’s talk about business!”

Elvira said coldly, not wanting to continue wasting time here.

If it wasn’t for trying to save people, she would leave now.

“Don’t worry! Elvira, I specially gave you a gift!” As he

said, Jin Chengen patted his palms, and then a group of waiters pushed in a big cake and walked in from the door. There is also a ring box above.

What Jin Chengen wants to do is already self-evident.


Fei did not move on Elvira’s face, on the contrary, there was a deep contempt.

Was fooled!

Jin Chengen didn’t want her to talk about business at all when she called her. But I want to repair the old with her.

At this time, Jin Chengen opened the ring box and knelt in front of Elvira, expressing affectionately.

“Elvira, the reason why I wanted to leave at the beginning is really unreasonable. My current wife and I have no feelings at all. We have been separated for many years!”

“Let us be together again, I don’t mind you getting married.” Marriage!”


Everyone was stunned immediately!

Jin Chengen actually intends to pursue Elvira again?

However, there is more to it!

Everyone stared at the ring in Jin Chengen’s hand, and then Qi Qi let out an exaggerated exclamation.

“Oh my God! Such a big diamond ring, is it worth a few million?”

“What millions, this is the eternal love of Christie’s auction, worth ten million!” The

audience was shocked!

Everyone looked at the diamond ring the size of a pigeon egg with surprise on their faces.

Especially women!

After seeing such a big diamond ring, everyone was going crazy, each one glowing green.

If there is a man with such a big diamond ring to ask them to marry him, they will definitely marry each other without hesitation.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Jin Chengen was also confident that Elvira would like it.

But it’s a pity that this time, he was disappointed!

Elvira glanced at the diamond ring lightly, but said with an indifferent expression:

“So I was only worth ten million in your eyes, isn’t it?”

Shaun Lin gave her a jewel worth tens of billions!

And Shaun Lin didn’t even blink his eyes.

Elvira’s words immediately made Jin Chengen’s expression stiff. Isn’t this ten million diamond ring okay?

“The diamond ring is very beautiful, but my husband gave it more beautiful and more expensive!” With

that, Elvira got up and prepared to leave:

“Since you have nothing to talk to me, then I will leave!”

This, directly Just made Jin Chengen panic. He spent so much money so much that he couldn’t even impress Elvira?

And everyone present was also dumbfounded, Elvira didn’t even look at the ten million diamond ring?

Is this crazy?

“Elvira, what are you pretending to be you, who doesn’t know that your husband is a pauper who

lives on soft food, he can give you jewelry that is more expensive than this?” Liu Biqin jumped out to insult again, with a strong disdain on her face .

And everyone laughed.

Because what Elvira said was so funny, they all doubted whether Elvira was dreaming.

Didn’t you know the virtues of your husband?

Elvira just smiled contemptuously, even too lazy to explain, her husband is a great master, what does it mean to give her tens of billions of jewelry?

How do these ants know that her husband is extraordinary?

At this time, she didn’t even bother to explain to them, and took a step forward and planned to leave.

“Elvira, are you really unwilling to give me another chance? I really want to make up for you!”

Jin Chengen hurried up and looked at Elvira affectionately:

“You can do whatever you want. I just hope you give another chance so that I can take care of you for the rest of my life!”


Elvira turned around, with a bone-cold expression on his face:

“Thank you, but no need!”

“Because someone has taken care of me by my side!”

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