Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1563

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Chapter 1563


Everyone was completely stunned, and their eyes seemed to stare out at this moment!

Take the wine king to wash your hands!

This is simply violent!

Is this guy crazy?

Everyone finally understood that what Shaun Lin said did not intend to drink, it was intended to wash his hands!

What is a moat inhumane pretense?

That’s it!

Seeing that the rare and precious brew was being lost bit by bit, they didn’t know whether Shaun Lin was heartbroken, but their heart was bleeding!

This is a million, so it’s gone?


Liu Biqin and the others didn’t know how to describe the mood at this time, they only felt that there were ten thousand grassy horses running past.

And Jin Chengen also had a gloomy face, he didn’t know that Shaun Lin was hitting him in the face on purpose!

However, there is more to it!

At this time, Shaun Lin Yi grabbed the white hand, smiled and said:

“! Just your hands are groping Maguo, they have a good wash job,”

he said, is caught without any explanation Elvira’s hand, poured the wine on her hand.

Elvira gave him an angry glance, but didn’t stop it.

Jin Chengen is about to explode, salty pork knuckle? Isn’t that saying that he is a pig?

This damn bastard!

And just now!

A man walked in from the door, with a majestic and imposing manner, just like a kind of supreme king.

The momentum on his body is extremely disturbing!

The atmosphere of the audience was completely stunned!

In everyone’s eyes, there was a touch of astonishment, and the other party’s aura was so strong!

When Jin Chengen saw the other party, he immediately stepped forward respectfully and said:

“Mr. Mayweather, you can be regarded as coming!”

It was Mayweather who came!

When Shaun Lin and Elvira saw Mayweather, they were already stupid. They never thought that Mayweather would appear here.

But Mayweather had a domineering attitude, but after seeing Shaun Lin, his expression suddenly changed, and then he planned to come over to say hello.

But Shaun Lin frowned, winked at him, and motioned to him not to come.

“Come and come, Mr. Mayweather, please sit down!”

Jin Chengen greeted Mayweather enthusiastically, but aggressively ordered Shaun Lin:

“Who, there is a guest here, there is not enough space ! You stand for a while. , Wait until the

distinguished guest is gone!” This is obviously trying to humiliate Shaun Lin!


Hearing this, Mayweather was almost about to blow up his hair, and asked the dignified dark emperor to give him his seat?

Isn’t this really killing him!

“No need, I’ll just stand for a while! It’s okay!”

Mayweather hurriedly waved his hand in a panic. At this time, he almost greeted the eighteenth generation of Jin Chengen’s ancestors.

“How do you do that? You are my

distinguished guest!” Jin Chengen said with an enthusiastic expression on his face, and then after looking at Shaun Lin, he suddenly sullen and said in a bad tone:

“I am talking to you, didn’t you hear?”

Shaun Lin smiled and warned:

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

Jin Chengen smiled dismissively, and said:

“I’m pretty sure, it’s my treat today. Since you are a guest, you can take whatever you want !”

“Otherwise, you Get out of here!”

Seeing Jin Chengen being so disrespectful to Shaun Lin, Mayweather’s face suddenly became unsightly.

“Jin Chengen, no need! I’m not the kind of person who bullies others. Please entertain this gentleman. Let’s talk about something tomorrow!” He

said, he planned to leave.


See Mayweather angry, Jincheng En attitude is even worse: the

“? It does not matter, Mr. Mayweather, this is a eat soft food waste, on the status and how can you compared”

“I put him now Get rid of the obnoxious garbage!”

After speaking, he glared at Shaun Lin:

“Dog things, get out of here! If you dare to talk, I will let someone break your dog legs!”

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