Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1564

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Chapter 1564


Jin Chengun’s expression changed suddenly. What did Mayweather mean by saying this?

Is it because the genius doctor Lin doesn’t want to see him?

This is impossible!

He has never seen the genius doctor Lin at all, nor has he offended him, why would he not want to see himself?

“If you have money but don’t make money, then the genius doctor Lin has a problem with his brain? “

Right now, he felt that Mayweather wanted to take advantage, and he cursed the old fox in his heart.

He said with a flattering smile on his face:

“Mr. Mayweather, I have long admired the famous doctor Lin for a long time, and I really want to meet this legend!”
“If you can recommend me, you can let me do anything!”


He shouted to the outside:

“Waiter, another 90-year-old Romanie Conti!”

He knew that he was reluctant to bear the kid’s sleeve. No wolf, if you don’t give Mayweather a bit of sweetness, this old fox won’t recommend Doctor Lin for him.

Then, it was the manager who walked in slowly from the outside, but his face was indifferent:

“Excuse me, Mr. Romani Conti in 90, It’s not that anyone can buy it!”


Upon hearing this, Jin Chengen became furious and scolded:

“Then why this waste can be bought? If you don’t give me a reasonable explanation today, believe me or not complain against you?”

Shaun Lin can buy, but he can’t?

Is this manager looking down on him?


Hearing Jin Chengen’s threat, the manager sneered:

“Well, there is no more, but if you want to complain to me, you are always welcome!”

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically. How dare this little manager be so arrogant?

Don’t pay attention to customers at all?

This is too arrogant, right?


At this time, Jin Chengen was also furious, staring at the other party angrily:

“Isn’t it just money? How much does this guy give? , I’ll double it and bring the wine!”


But the manager still looks indifferent, saying indifferently:

“I said, it’s not a question of money, but a question of identity!”
“Want to drink the 90-year-old Romani Conti? I’m sorry, sir, you are not qualified!”


These words completely angered Jin Chengen!

If the manager’s attitude just now just looked down on people, then these words are now directly insulting people?

Not qualified?

He even dared to say that his tens of billions of old Dong is not qualified?


This bastard thing, it’s damn it!

“You fart! Chengen is not qualified, is this waste qualified?”

Liu Biqin also yelled angrily, and pointed at Shaun Lin fiercely.
Everyone on the scene also felt that the manager had a problem with his brain. They sold the wine to a little white face, but they were unwilling to sell it to Jin Cheng-en, a rich man?

Isn’t this a brain problem?

Jin Chengen has the ability to re-consume, and this meal alone has exceeded one million tonight.

Looking back at Shaun Lin, a little white face who relies on his wife to give pocket money, he probably has no chance to come here for consumption.

But this manager offended Jin Chengen for Shaun Lin?

At this time, the manager looked at Shaun Lin, and then said with a respectful smile:

“Of course he is qualified!”


Everyone was stunned again!

Xiao Bailian is qualified, but Gao Fushuai is not qualified?

What a joke!

At this moment, everyone couldn’t believe their ears.

Especially Jin Chengen, only feeling humiliated, asked extremely angrily:


Then, the manager smiled contemptuously and spit out A sentence that made everyone in the audience crazy!

“Because he is our boss!”


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