Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1566

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Chapter 1566

“Lin’s name, please try to touch my hair!” Jin Chengun became angry immediately, and he yelled in anger:

“Do you believe it or not I will let you sit in the prison?”


Shaun Lin just sneered and helped Elvira up:

“Wife, let’s go!”

Elvira still felt like she was in a dream Nodded blankly.

Then stood up and looked at Jin Chengen coldly:

“Jin Chengen, I think you have seen it too, my husband is very good! So please don’t bother me again Now, I won’t be so polite again next time!”

At this moment!

She dislikes Jin Chengen to the extreme, and even feels deeply disgusted that she once liked such a person!

“Damn it!”

Watching Elvira and Shaun Lin leave like this, Jin Chengen slammed the table with his fist angrily.

Today, he was ashamed!

Originally wanted to perform in front of Elvira, but did not expect Elvira to look down on him instead.

And Mayweather also smiled contemptuously, and at the same time stood up slowly:

“Since there is nothing wrong, then I will go first!”
See it!
Jin Chengun panicked immediately, and said anxiously:

“Mr. Mayweather, the introduction of the genius Doctor Lin…”

In his words, it was already it was a deep pleading!

As long as he can reach a cooperation with God Doctor Lin to develop medicines together, he can guarantee that his wealth can grow at least ten times faster!


Mayweather smiled contemptuously, and said:

“I said, Doctor Lin will not cooperate with you!”


Jin Chengen’s face sank, and he asked incomprehensibly.

Upon hearing this, Mayweather looked at him with an idiotic look at Kim Cheng-en:

“You all want to be someone else’s wife, how can someone cooperate with you? ?”


These words were like a thunderstorm, which blasted wildly in everyone’s minds!



More is unbelievable!

Shaun Lin, is the genius doctor Lin?


All of them were dumbfounded. At this time, they only felt that their eyeballs were about to fall from their eye sockets.

This scene is so funny and ridiculous to them!
It’s just like a dream!

A door-to-door son-in-law, turned out to be a legendary genius doctor?

“Mr. Mayweather, you… are you kidding, right? He can’t be Doctor Lin’s! You must be lying to me!”

This time Jin Chengen, who only felt like he had lost his soul, asked Liushen Wuzhu.

“Is the person I want to cooperate with, turned out to be my rival in love?”

And just now, he actually begged for cooperation in front of each other?

“If Shaun Lin is really the genius doctor Lin, then I am afraid he would have been crazy in his heart, right?”

Thinking of this, Jin Chengen felt that he was a big joke!

“Are you kidding? I know you very well?”

Mayweather sneered:

“A group of fools with no eyes, even our foreigners treat it like this Existence is like worshiping a god, with admiration!”

“But you dare to insult him? I think you are crazy!”

“And you, Jin Chengen! Originally! Well, since you know Mr. Lin’s wife, opening a Chrysanthemum can be easily achieved, but now…”

“Go in your dreams!”

Jin Chengen’s eyes went black suddenly, and he almost lost his breath.

At this time, talking about cooperation with Elvira is a waste of water, and it is impossible to think about the genius doctor Lin Lin!

The students present were completely dumbfounded at this time.

Shaun Lin is not only the owner of this hotel, but also the genius doctor Lin?

In other words, is he the legend?

But they insulted Shaun Lin like that just now?

Thinking of this, their intestines are going to regret it. If they can make friends with such a legend, the other side will give them a small amount of money and wealth.

But now, there is nothing left!

At this moment, Liu Biqin was ashamed, completely frustrated!

When she was in college, she was inferior to Elvira everywhere, and even her sweetheart was snatched away by Elvira.

Later, when she learned that she had married a trash, she couldn’t mention how happy she was.

She really woke up from a dream!

But now, she realized that she was too naive!

Although Elvira failed to marry Jin Chengen, she found a man a hundred times better than Jin Chengen!

“Myself, I lost a terrible defeat! “

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