Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1567

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Chapter 1567

Everyone has mixed feelings at this time.

“I regretted why I was so rude to Shaun Lin just now, and missed the great opportunity to flatter him, now it’s useless to say anything.”

“Mr. Mayweather, please help me intercede! I know I was wrong. I will never pester Elvira again. Please let the genius doctor Lin forgive me!”

Jin Chengen thumped She knelt down, trembling all over, and she was about to urinate in fright.

This time when he came to China, he came to the genius doctor Lin for cooperation on the order of his old husband.

If his father-in-law knew that he had offended the genius Doctor Lin, then he would be completely finished!

Mayweather was exasperated and stared at Jin Chengen coldly:

“Jin Chengen, if it were you, would you forgive him?”

This! Jin Chengen was speechless!

The answer is naturally no!

Then, Mayweather’s cold eyes glanced back and forth in the crowd:

“A group of idiots, how distinguished their status is. They haven’t looked down on you yet, you have what qualifications to look down upon him?”

“Originally, as that person, as long as you just mention a few words, you will be able to rise to the top!”

“But now… all go let’s eat S!”

Finish this sentence!

Mayweather left with a big laugh, full of contempt and sarcasm in that laughter.

After he left, everyone fell on their chairs feebly, with mixed feelings in their hearts.


And Jin Chengen also slammed a fist on the table with a furious fist, his face was full of hideous colors:

“I won’t let you go!”

Said! He took out his cell phone directly, then dialed a call, gritted his teeth and said:

“Uncle Li, I have something to ask you for help!”

But this time!

“Shaun Lin, how many things are you hiding from me?”

As soon as he walked out of the hotel, Elvira was angry Stared at Shaun Lin: “Are you really the owner of this hotel?”

Shaun Lin looked embarrassed, and said:

“That’s it, no more! As a master, I have one A luxury hotel worth tens of billions is reasonable, right?”

He dare not say anything else. If this is said, Elvira must not go crazy!

“It is reasonable, but why are you lying to me?”

Elvira did not accept this explanation.

Shaun Lin couldn’t laugh or cry, and said:

“I’m not afraid to tell you, you won’t be able to accept it for a while!”

“Then I am now Can you accept it?”

Elvira angrily grabbed Shaun Lin’s ears:

“Okay, you Shaun Lin, you are also a great master and a great boss! As a result! It’s just pretending to be silly and acting as a trash, causing me to be laughed at!”

“Go home! Kneel on the washboard!”

Shaun Lin suddenly cried and looked very helpless. Said:

“Do you still kneel?”

But in the morning of the next day, Shaun Lin took the Elvira family to a mountain top.

“This is Yulong Bay?”

When they got to the place, they were dumbfounded.

“On the left is close to the bay, you can see the vast sea area, on the right, facing the metropolis, you can see the lights of thousands of houses!”

This is the most real estate in Jiangshi, Yulong Bay!
Looking at the two stone lions over five meters high at the door, their family was immediately frightened.


Just a doorway, so grand!

The Royal Dragon Bay is indeed the most expensive unit in Jiang City!

“Shaun Lin, what are you doing here with us? Let’s go quickly, this is not where we can come!”

Baishan has some inferiority, this none of the vehicles seen on the road are less than one million. It can be imagined what people are living in it.

He has never seen so many luxury cars in his life!

So in this place, it is inevitable to feel a little out of place.

However, Shaun Lin’s lips curled up:

“Well, I want to buy a house!”

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