Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1568

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Chapter 1568

Buy a house?

Buying a house in Yulong Bay?

Bai Shan was covering Shaun Lin’s forehead, and said in amazement:

“Shaun Lin , you shouldn’t have a fever? How do you say nonsense?”

Yulong Bay Zhu Yuqing said, the cheapest is worth thousands. , Where did Shaun Lin get the money?

In fact, Shaun Lin didn’t spend a penny!

It was Mayweather who felt sorry for Shaun Lin, so he compensated Shaun Lin for a villa here, hoping that Shaun Lin could forgive him.

But Shaun Lin remembered the insults Zhu Yuqing and her son had made to their family some time ago, so he didn’t refuse each other’s kindness.

But Paula looked at Elvira suspiciously:

“Elvira, what do you mean?”

In her opinion, only Elvira has such economic strength!

But Elvira shook her head, she didn’t even know it was the case.

But at this moment, a Porsche stopped in front of them, and the rear co-pilot shook it down, revealing Zhu Yuqing’s mean face.

“Yumei, you are here to see us? Why don’t you tell me in advance?”

Since the last time, the Paula family has planned to draw a clear line with Zhu Yuqing and the others. Now when they see them, their natural faces are not pretty.

At the moment, Paula said with a cold face,

“You made a mistake, we didn’t come to you.”

“You didn’t come to us? Is it possible that you are here to buy a house?”

Zhu Yuqing said with a smile.

If that were the case, it would be great. This would give her son enough time to get in touch with Elvira!

“Yes, so what, my son-in-law is promising and wants to buy us a house, what’s the matter?”

Paula said with a hint, it is naturally impossible to admit counsel at this time.


Hearing this, Zhu Yuqing and Lu Danqing burst into laughter crazily and looked at Shaun Lin with playful expressions.

“Just this rubbish, buy a house? If you say that Elvira bought it, I still believe it, just this dead poor ghost, he has money for a fart!”

And Lu Danqing also looked at Shaun Lin contemptuously,

“Shaun Lin, face I earn it by myself, not by others, and always rely on women to maintain it. Are you

embarrassed ?” Shaun Lin just wanted to speak, but Paula took the lead in scolding,

“It’s your shit, who says my son-in-law can’t afford it? Today he spent the money, my daughter didn’t spend a penny!”


However, Zhu Yuqing and Lu Danqing didn’t believe it at all, and the two smirked together,

“Then we have to take a good look at how a waste can afford a mansion with a minimum of ten million yuan!”

“Yumei, I I know where the sales office is, or should I take you to see it? “


Upon hearing this, Paula’s heart was broken, and she actually didn’t believe that Shaun Lin could afford the house here. Wouldn’t it be revealing if it were to go?

“I… we have already seen it, and we are going to leave!”

Paula could only lie cheeky, this is also to take care of Shaun Lin’s dignity.

“Hahaha. Yumei, stop acting, I think this waste can’t be bought at all, right?”


Paula’s face suddenly became uglier.

But at this moment, Shaun Lin smiled and said,

“We don’t need to go to the sales office, because I have already bought it!”


Zhu Yuqing and Lu Danqing’s expressions changed, and then both laughed in disdain.

Bought it long ago?

It can be blown!

The house decoration in Yulong Bay, the transfer of ownership, and all kinds of messy procedures were arranged, and it was impossible to move in without three or five months.

They bought the house at the time, and it was only half a year later that the house could be closed. This guy was obviously lying.

It’s disgusting enough!

At the moment, Lu Danqing said,

“Then you let us visit your new residence? If you dare not, it can only show that you are bragging!”

“Whatever you want!”

Shaun Lin smiled faintly. , And then walked directly towards the Yulong Bay.

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