Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 157

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Chapter 157

Who can imagine that the Bai family member who was arrogant and domineering just some minutes before got broke his hand and leg within no time.

Not only that!

What shocked everyone even more was that Shaun’s guess was correct again.

From the genius doctor Lin letting Harper slap in the face, to letting Haibai kneel and knock his head, to when Harper broke his hand and leg.

For a while, everyone looked at Shaun as if they were looking at a monster!

And just when everyone was confused.


They saw that Master Dao took the Sanggou and others straight forward, then bowed to Shaun, and said respectfully:

“Mr. Lin, last time we disturbed you, so please consider these five million as your mental damage expenses!”


Hearing this, both Haibai and others, even Elvira family, were all startled.

You know, these are five million, red cash banknotes, this huge amount is enough to make anyone’s heart fascinating.

But the ruthless person Dao gave it all to Shaun without any hesitation. This…how could it be possible.

This is more than that.

Master Dao took the letter of undertaking and handed it to Shaun respectfully:

“In addition, I hope Mr. Shaun will receive this letter of commitment! It is a small compensation to your family!”



All the surrounding people got shocked to see this all.

Only then they got it that, Master Dao wanted compensation from Haibai and promised that everything was for Shaun.

What is the relationship between this guy and Master Dao?

The heart of every member of the Bai family was full of shocking waves.

If you think that Shaun is just a waste son-in-law, but now Dao treated him respectfully, this is definitely not that simple.

For a while, almost every Bai family core members secretly raised Shaun’s status.

“Mr. Lin, let’s us go!”

As Dao said, he nodded respectfully to Shaun, and then left with his group.


As soon as Master Dao left, almost everyone here took a long sigh of relief.

The scene just scared them all.

At this moment,

Mike with his Western medicine team, walked near to Shaun and bowed to him.


This scene is extremely spectacular.

Especially the person who bowed first, was Madman Mike.

Li Mingyi and the Bai family’s core members next to them were once again confused. They had never seen this Western medicine madman so respectful and polite to anyone, how could this be so.

Li Mingyi and others were all stunned to this.

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