Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1578

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Chapter 1578

Shaun Lin just smiled and stood up slowly:

“The opportunity has already been given to you! You should have grasped it!”

As he said, he left towards the door!

“Don’t go! Tell me, are you Shaun Lin?”

Li Xiaoming shouted sternly, he already knew he was finished.

But he just wants to know who he is offending before he is unlucky!


Shaun Lin was not interested in responding to him, and left Li Xiaoming’s office without looking back.

And just after Shaun Lin left, a group of police officers poured in one after another, staring at Li Xiaoming with a serious expression:

“Li Xiaoming, you are suspected of taking bribes and using power for personal gain. Please cooperate with our investigation!”


Li Xiaoming felt that his head was about to explode, and tears burst from his eyes.

He slapped his thighs and cried out to his mother:

“Jin Chengen, I’m fucking your uncle! You deliberately cheated me!”


And now!

When the Elvira family was about to go back to their old house to move things, they also met an uninvited guest.

That is Jin Chengen!

Different from seeing Elvira before, now Jin Chengen is a triumphant person who looks at people from his nostrils and is full of pride!

Because he knows that Elvira is now the fish on his pallet. If she doesn’t obey him, all the vaccines will be destroyed.

In this way, the 10 billion that Baiyi invested back and forth has completely disappeared.

Elvira will be completely bankrupt!

In this case, does she dare to refuse her request?


Jin Chengen feels like he has decided Elvira!

“Jin Chengen, what are you doing?”

The moment Elvira saw Jin Chengen, his face went gloomy.

Since the last incident, she hasn’t had a good impression of Jin Chengen. Now that she sees that Jin Chengen is still entangled, she feels even more disgusted in her heart.

Seeing Elvira’s attitude, Jin Chengun was suddenly angry.

Why is he inferior to that trash?

Why does Elvira treat him so much?

At the moment, he sneered and said unkindly. :

“Elvira, I heard that your Xin Bai clan is in trouble, right?”


Elvira suddenly changed her expression, she immediately realized something, and glared at Jin Chengen:

“Did…you did it?”

Not only she but even Baishan and Paula were also angry.

“Jin Chengen, you beast! My daughter was so miserable, and now you are not willing to let her go. You kill a thousand swords, I and you did it!”

Paula slapped Jin Chengen hard.

After Jin Chengen received a slap, he still had a sarcastic smile on his face, and said disdainfully:

“Auntie, is it useful to hit me? You still think about how dare you? Solve the problem!”

“Otherwise your daughter would really be bankrupt!”

Paula’s angry face is green, how can this person be so shameless?

Abandoned her daughter without hesitation, and now wants to come back and force her daughter to submit?
Did they owe him in the last life?

Elvira did not expect that Jin Chengen was such a shameless person, refreshing his shameless bottom line again and again.

Right now, Elvira looked at him sadly:

“Jin Chengen, what do you want?”

Hear the words!

Jin Chengen laughed obscenely and looked at Elvira’s sexy figure with a squinting look:

“Actually, I have been regretting all these years, why didn’t you take your first place before I left. Take it away again!”

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