Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1579

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Chapter 1579

“So now I have to make up for my regrets!”

Then, Jin Chengen He said in a commanding tone:

“Immediately divorce that trash and be my lover!”

“You dream!”

White Yi refused without thinking about it, and gritted his teeth and said:

“My husband will definitely find a solution, you don’t have to think about it!”



Jin Chengen burst into laughter like he heard a big joke:

“Elvira, do you count on him? Tell you the truth. If this matter didn’t have me nodding, the customs would not let it go. Just wait for bankruptcy!”

“If you can help you solve it, I, Jin Chengen, ate shit on the spot, hahaha!”

There was a deep disdain in his voice!

But as soon as his voice fell, it came from outside the door. A contemptuous sneer:

“Then you are sure to eat today!”

Then, Shaun Lin and Mayweather strode in.

“Shaun Lin!”

Seeing Shaun Lin, Elvira hurried towards Shaun Lin as if she saw her own life-saving straw.

How is it going?

Shaun Lin smiled slightly and said:

“Don’t worry, it’s all solved. It won’t be long before the vaccine will be returned in full. I have arranged the vessel and waited for the vaccine. Returned to us and sent directly overseas.”


Elvira suddenly sighed for a long time, and rushed into Shaun Lin’s arms, tears down. :

“Husband, what should I do without you?”

She found that every time she encountered danger, Shaun Lin could easily help her solve it.

Shaun Lin is like her patron saint!

She is very fortunate to be able to marry such a man.

And seeing this, Jin Chengen was so jealous that he was going crazy, and looked at Shaun Lin coldly:

“Only you? What a joke! I don’t believe Li Xiaoming will let it go! “
What if Shaun Lin is Lin’s genius doctor?

Is it just a doctor?

What’s so great?

Is it possible that you still want to influence the officialdom?

At this time, Shaun Lin patted Elvira on the shoulder, and at the same time looked at Jin Chengen coldly:

“Believe it or not, please call him to ask, no you know?”


Jin Chengen’s expression changed suddenly, seeing Shaun Lin’s vowed appearance, he was a little panicked instead.

Right now, he took out his cell phone and dialed Li Xiaoming’s number!

However, one minute, two minutes, three minutes…

He made seven or eight calls, and Li Xiaoming on the other end finally got through.

“Uncle Li, what the hell is going on? You let it go?”

Jin Chengen asked impatiently.

On the other end, there was another man’s majestic voice:

“Li Xiaoming has now been officially arrested for accepting bribes and is currently being held!”

Jin Cheng-un suddenly exploded!

Li Xiaoming was arrested?

How is this possible?

An hour ago, he only talked to Li Xiaoming on the phone. How could he be arrested in an instant?

Is it because of the man in front of me?
Jin Chengen suddenly looked at Shaun Lin in horror, his eyes seemed to be staring out, the kind of horror was hard to describe in words!


What the hell is going on!

However, there is more to it!

The man on the other end continued to ask:

“Who are you? Did you bribe Li Xiaoming? I advise you to surrender immediately and fight for a lighter sentence!”

Jin Chengen hung up the phone quickly, a deep horror appeared on his face, obviously he was frightened.

And from his reaction, Elvira and others could also feel that Shaun Lin must have done something extraordinary!

Otherwise, how could Jin Chengen be so scared?

Right now, he looked at Shaun Lin in horror:

“You…what did you do?”

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