Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1581

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Chapter 1581

But Bai Yi turned her head directly!

Now she not only hates Jin Chengen, she even has a little hatred!

See it!

Jin Chengen is completely desperate!

However, there is more to it!

At this time, he discovered that the hall was full of people at some point.

“Yumei, I heard that someone in your family is performing to eat S, so let’s see the excitement!”

“Yes, yeah, I lived so big, I have never seen anyone eat S. Today is an eye-opener!”

“Oh, this young man, who is white and clean, and dressed decently, how can he have it? What about such a special hobby?”


Hearing these neighbors in the neighborhood, they actually came to see themselves eating even more, he even regarded this as a performance, he was about to vomit blood directly.

It is too much!

This is simply playing him like a monkey!

At this moment, a deep hatred appeared in Jin Chengen’s heart, and he looked like he was going crazy.

“Lin Fan, you don’t need to be like this at all! I can stop harassing Bai Yi in the future, and I can compensate you as long as you let me go!” Looking at Lin Fan.

“It seems that you don’t care much about Bai Yi!”

Lin Fan sneered, looking at each other playfully.

Hearing this, Jin Chengen almost cried.

“I want to care, but if I care, I have to eat S. Who can stand this?”

“Do you eat by yourself, or I will let someone feed you!”
Then, Lin Fan asked condescendingly.

“Lin Fan…no, Mr. Lin, give me a chance!”

Jin Chengen said in horror, shaking all over, especially when he saw Lin Fan’s ferocious After his face, he was about to pee.

But Lin Fan ignored it at all, but said coldly:

“It seems that we are going to feed you!”

The moment of falling!

A group of bodyguards forcibly pressed Jin Chengen to the ground, and then picked up a handful without saying anything, and stuffed it toward the opponent’s mouth!

woo woo…

Jin Chengen kept shook his head, but he still had two fists hard to beat four hands, and soon he was confused with his mouth full!


Everyone in the room showed a disgusting expression, as if even looking at each other more, they felt like long needle eyes.

Is this too disgusting?

He really ate it!

More than ten minutes later, the stinking, dark-faced man stumbled and ran out of Bai’s house.

Li Jinen’s tears came down. In just ten minutes, he realized what hell is!

That was the most humiliating and darkest moment in his life, full of endless despair!

“I want you to die! I want you to die!”

He gritted his teeth and growled, his eyes full of resentment!


In the middle of the night, Lin Fan was suddenly awakened by a text message alert tone!

Lin Fan took out his phone and took a look, and then his pupils suddenly shrank!

Because the content of the information turned out to be photos of their family’s life, including the scenes of Baishan couple shopping for vegetables and Bai Yi working in the office.

The other party wanted to tell Lin Fan that since they can take these photos casually, they can also kill his family casually!

And then!

Lin Fan’s cell phone rang, showing an unknown call!

He frowned, and then pressed the speakerphone!

“Lin Fan, have you seen the photos?”

There was a female voice on the other end, and the other side’s voice was cold to the bone, and there was a chilling voice. Killing intent.

“Who are you?”

Lin Fan asked in a low voice, he hates being threatened!

Very annoying, very annoying!

“Lin Chentao’s mother, Mei Yingxue!”

Lin Fan was taken aback, then laughed:

“Then I have to call you Auntie?”


The woman on the other end, seeing Lin Fan even smiling hippie, was completely blown up screamed directly on the other end:
“Shut up! You bastard, you don’t deserve to be called my eldest mother, let alone the Lin family!”

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