Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1582

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Chapter 1582

“Explain what I’m here for, I’m very busy!”

Lin Fan said blankly.

“Come to Longya tomorrow. If you don’t come, I will let someone kill your family!”

Mei Yingxue gritted her teeth:

“You know, with the power of my Mei family, what you say is what you do!”

Lin Fan’s eyes shrank fiercely, and the killing intent in his eyes was surging like a stormy sea, but the tone remained the same. Calmly outrageous:

“Okay, tomorrow morning, I will be there on time!”

Dududu call, just call Hang up directly!

At this time, the two people who are talking have a killer heart towards each other!

Mei Yingxue, the eldest lady of the Lin family, is also the eldest daughter of the Mei family. Although the influence of the Mei family in China is not as good as the Lin family, it is not much different. ‘

What’s more special is that the Mei family is still a hidden Sejong gate!

Mei Yingxue has been dealing with Mei’s affairs during this period of time, but suddenly learned that her son had been killed, and now she was killed directly in Jiangnan. The purpose of

It is also very clear, that is, to pay Lin Fan’s blood!


Bai Yi rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked at Lin Fan suspiciously.

“It’s okay, I made the wrong call!”

Lin Fan said with a smile, then put the quilt on Bai Yi and lay down again.
An ant is not enough to affect his sleep!
And the next morning, Lin Fan came to Longya as promised, and he was still alone.

After arriving at Longya, he was stunned!

Within that dragon tooth, a large group of people fell to the ground, groaning in pain, all of them were members of the dragon tooth.

Among them, three-star warriors such as Kou Jianghuai and Solanum are included!


Even Xu Longxiang was pressed on the chair one by one, his face was extremely gloomy.

It’s not that Dragon’s teeth are too weak!

is a master from the Mei family, too strong!

With just a dozen people, they lifted the entire dragon tooth to the sky, crippling hundreds of elites, and the other dragon fangs were reprimanded by Xu Longxiang and were not allowed to shoot. At this time, he dared not speak!

Among them, a woman leaned Erlang’s legs, holding a lady’s cigarette in her hand, smoking casually.

Seeing Lin Fan, her eyes lit up and a flame of hatred ignited.

“Are you Lin Fan?”

Lin Fan smiled and said:

“I am! You guys really took great pains to deal with me! Is this going to give me a slap?”

Mei Yingxue smiled contemptuously and snorted coldly:

“You don’t have the qualifications yet! Let Master Lin get out!”

She didn’t put Lin Fan in her eyes at all. In her eyes, Lin Fan was just a rubbish abandoned by the Lin family. What can kill his son?

The person who killed his son must be Master Lin!


Lin Fan was taken aback, then he smiled and looked at Xu Longxiang:

“You haven’t told her yet?”

Xu Longxiang is seeing Lin Fan After coming, she also showed a smirking smile:

“I think it is more appropriate for you to tell her personally for this kind of thing!”


Mei Yingxue’s expression changed suddenly, what are these two guys playing?

“Shut up all, where is Master Lin? Isn’t he afraid to show up because he is afraid?” Mei Yingxue sneered:
“If this is the case, then unfortunately, you have to pay for his life!”

“Xiaobai, kill him for me! Take revenge for the young master!”
Mei Yingxue roared immediately, and then, with a bandage wrapped around her mouth, the sharp-eyed, fiery-looking leather pants woman walked towards Lin Fan step by step.

“Don’t worry, Master Lin has already come?”

Lin Fan said with a smile, but walked towards that Xiaobai step by step.


At this moment, Mei Yingxue frowned, she didn’t even know what Lin Fan meant.
Just, the next scene!

It completely shocked her!

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