Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1583

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Chapter 1583


With a loud noise, that Xiaobai was slapped by Lin Fan. Flew out, vomiting blood on the spot and failed miserably.

She didn’t even touch the corner of Lin Fan’s clothes, so she was shot directly into the air?

That kind of contempt and disdain, it’s like flapping an annoying fly.


The audience suddenly fell into a dead silence!

At this moment, all Mei’s family were stunned, and there was a deep shock in their eyes!

Xiaobai is the top master!

Her strength lies throughout Mei The home is also outstanding, and was slapped flying by a trash?

This, it’s like dreaming!

Even Mei Yingxue was dumbfounded at this time, her voice said in horror:

“You, You are not a waste?”

Faced with this question, Lin Fan smiled coldly:

“I said, Master Lin is here!”
Mei Yingxue was taken aback for a moment, and then laughed contemptuously:

“Lin Fan, you mean you are Master Lin?”
“Hahaha, Lin Fan, are you fooling a ghost? China has never seen a great master in his early twenties. There will not be one now, and there will not be any in the future!”

She doesn’t believe it at all. Lin Fan is the Great Master!

How old is Lin Fan?

So far, China’s youngest Grand Master is the Young Sorceress Master of the Witch Gu Sect, and that’s China’s most famous first genius!

Ascended to the realm of Great Master in his 30s, so he is regarded as the hope of the Chinese martial arts world!

But this is such a masterpiece, his age has reached his 30s!

Moreover, this is still supported by the sect!

As for Lin Fan?

A trash that was abandoned by the family. He has no background, no power, and nothing. With his trash, how could he be a great master?

“Go away, useless waste!”

Immediately, Mei Yingxue kicked Xiao Bai away in desperation.

Xiao Bai was kicked again, when even he vomited a mouthful of blood, the injury was compounded.

But she did not dare to have any dissatisfaction, like a dog, slowly crawling aside.

Immediately after, Mei Yingxue looked resentful and stared at Lin Fan coldly:

“No matter whether you are Master Lin or not, today you have only one dead end! Killing my son, I want you to pay for it!”

At the same time!

She also looked at the members of Longya, with an aggressive grin at the corner of her mouth:

“And you, don’t say that I don’t give you a chance, as long as all of your warlords are returned to the Owl Legion, I will not embarrass you.”

“Of course, if someone does not live or die and insists on fighting with us If you die, then I don’t mind sending you on the road!”

Today’s operation was jointly initiated by the Lin Family, Mei Family, and Owl Legion, so no one can stop it. Lin Fan will be killed!


At this moment, all the members of Longya roared in grief and indignation:

“You don’t need to be proud, when the instructor takes action, all of you will pay for it!”

“Hahaha, instructor?”

Mei Yingxue laughed directly and mocked:

“The reason why I left you a dog now because you have to wait for your instructor to come and die!”

“Master Lin, right? No matter how prestigious he used to be, there will only be one end to our Mei family, and that is death!”

Mei Yingxue and other Mei family members all showed disdain.

Has the Mei family killed fewer masters over the years?

As the Hidden Sejong Gate and married to the Lin family, the development of the Mei family over the past few decades can be described as unstoppable.

Therefore, in the eyes of the Mei family now, although the Grand Master does not say that he is an ant-like existence, he is not unshakable.

In their view, Master Lin is just being over-mythed, and even the Grand Master is not invincible.

The so-called two fists are hard to beat four hands, no matter how powerful a person is, he cannot be invincible!

With so many of them here, even if Master Lin has great abilities…

, he must die! ! !

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