Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1588

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Chapter 1588

“Does he really say that?”

A few hours later, inside the Lin family mansion, Lin Hongtu roared furiously.

At this time!

All the top executives gathered together, including Lin Fan’s biological father, Lin Zhanli.

Everyone is like frost hitting the eggplant, completely stunned!

There was extreme fear and anxiety in those eyes!

Apparently they all knew that Lin Fan was the matter of Master Lin, which was obviously bad news for them.

A great master in his twenties defeated the black and white Shuangsha with one move!

These two messages, no matter which one they are, are enough to scare them.

Something went wrong!

Something happened!

At the moment, Lin Hongtu coldly looked at his brother, and said angrily:

“What do you mean by asking me to hold this meeting in the middle of the night? Do you want to force the palace? Or do you want me to abdicate and let the virtuous?”

“Big brother, don’t you stop being stubborn, okay? It will cause such a result, is it not caused by you alone?”
The second master of the Lin family, Lin Jiangxing, said with a gloomy face:

“If you hadn’t killed Lin Fan’s biological mother and swept him out, how could you have the situation today?” San Ye Lin Zhaohe also coldly hummed:

“That is, if you killed your three grandchildren, you still hurt us now. That’s a great master in his twenties. Who knows what height he will stand in the future?”

“If he wants to overthrow our Lin family, it is not impossible! Even if he can’t overthrow, there will be assassinations from time to time, who can stop it?”

At this time, the Lin family is already popular. Panicked.

Because they all know how terrifying a great master who is only in his early twenties is, he has a lot of time to implement his own revenge plan.

They don’t want to die!

“So? What do you want to say?”

Lin Hongtu asked with a sneer, his eyes also filled with murderous intent.

He knew that since they united to force the palace, it must be conditional, and wanted to force him to reach a certain agreement.

“It’s very simple to welcome Lin Fan back to our Lin family. Such an excellent young man is most qualified to be the head of the Lin family. He is better than your other three grandchildren combined!”
“I also think that his ability to kill the three outstanding wizards alone shows that he is not a leisurely thing. Such an existence would rather be a friend than an enemy.”

“Patriarch, for the sake of our Lin family’s future, you can just bow your head and apologize to him. Anyway, it’s your grandson, don’t be ashamed!”


Lin Hongtu exploded his hair directly and roared:

“Dream! Let me bow my head to apologize to that little beast? You guys are simply dreaming!”

“I, Lin Hongtu, have lived for most of my life, who have I been afraid of? Will I be frightened by a little boy? I will kill him in minutes!”

Lin Hongtu was furious. In the entire Lin family, and even in the business community of China, he was unequivocal.

Now let him apologize to a junior?

Where does this put his old face?

He was willing to let Lin Fan return to the family, it was all a gift to him, let him apologize to that waste?

Is he worthy?

The Lin family present seemed to have expected such a result a long time ago, and they all sneered.

Lin Jiangxing put down the teacup in his hand, and said without a smile:

“Brother, you are old! People, you have to be old when you are old, sometimes it’s understandable that my mind has done something that harms the interests of the family, and we don’t blame you.”

“But, don’t make mistakes again and again, don’t you take a family to bury you? “


Upon hearing these words, it was not just Lin Hongtu that exploded, but the entire Lin family!

“Master Lin Fan is so good, why don’t you let him come back? Patriarch, are you going to do it your own way?”

For an instant!

Everyone stared at Lin Hongtu with great enthusiasm, and there was no previous respect in their eyes!

Some, just resentment and anger!

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