Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1589

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Chapter 1589

“He is so confused, he is still breathing at any time, a joke! Now even the black and white Shuangsha are taking refuge in him. The ghost knows how many people there are behind him. Lin Fan really wants to kill him. Will your old man go up and block him?”

All the Lin family members are very dissatisfied have accused Lin Hongtu and Lin Zhanxi!

Lin Hongtu’s face was blue, and it made a violent rage. He thought that Lin Fan was the first time the Lin family had united to confront him in so many years.

And Lin Zhanli, this trash, is shrunk his head and dare not even speak.

For fear that he would be drowned by the saliva of a group of people when he uttered a word, he did not expect that his impulse back then would bring such terrible sequelae to the family.

“Needless to say, we have decided to welcome Lin Fan into Lin’s house! It doesn’t matter if anyone opposes it. Calling you today is just to inform you!”

Lin Zhaohe Looking at Lin Hongtu contemptuously, he said coldly.

“Yes, you are old! The Lin family now needs a brand new leader that is Lin Fan!”

Heard this!

Lin Hongtu’s face is so gloomy and terrifying!

It’s like trying to kill someone!

“You are too naive. Our Lin family killed his mother. Do you think he will let us go?”

Lin Hongtu coldly snorted, in his eyes Lin Fan is a wild species that shouldn’t have been born. He couldn’t wait for Lin Fan to be hit and killed by a car when he went out. How could he give Lin Fan the country he had beaten so hard?

What about the Grand Master?

Is there no great master in their Lin family?

Now that Lin Fan is allowed to return to the Lin family, it is already a gift. If he is allowed to surrender the position of Patriarch, what will the outside world think of him?

At the beginning, he drove Lin Fan away with one hand, and now he was greeted back. Then the whole Hua Xia couldn’t say that he was dim-eyed and had no eyes?

Want him to be unsafe for the night?

Never possible!


Other talents can’t control that much. Seeing that Lin Hongtu insists on going his own way, they all sneered:

“He didn’t let you go, not us. , After all, the person who swept him out and killed his mother is your line and has nothing to do with us.”

Lin Jiangxing quickly cleared the relationship.


Lin Hongtu trembled with anger, and couldn’t even speak. What this meant was to sacrifice his line to please that damn. Wild species?

Hasn’t he sacrificed enough in this line?

The three grandsons he cultivated by himself were all killed by that wild species!

At this time, his hatred for Lin Fan has reached the point of being out of control. The waste even caused him to be forced into the palace by the Lin family. How could he not hate it?

But Lin Hongtu also knew that the situation was no longer under his control.

“If you don’t compromise, these people might actually be contrary. “

At the moment, the old fox changed his strategy and snorted coldly:

He wants to return to the Lin family, yes!

As long as he handed over the new Bai family, he agreed to this condition. As for whether he can sit on the position of Patriarch in the future, it depends on his performance!

The current Xinbai’s is a big piece of fat, who doesn’t want to take a bite?
Lin Hongtu is no exception, he wants to get a share of it.

Instead of letting Lin Fan let him go, it is better to trap him under his eyelids, so that he wants to do something to Lin Fan, then Lin Fan is the turtle in the urn.

Other people still want to talk.

But Lin Hongtu clapped his hands directly, and said angrily:

And pat and scatter nonsense said, he ignored everyone’s dissatisfaction. Turned and walked out of the hall.

At this time, the Lin family is no longer able to make an inch of it, but they stare at Lin Zhanliu coldly:

You caused the trouble, so you should deal with it. You are responsible for it. Lin Fan, please come back.

Lin Zhanhuan dare not say a word, so he can only nod in a daze.

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