Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1601

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Chapter 1601

“Are you a doctor or am I a doctor? I tell you clearly, the chance of your child being saved is almost zero, you are joking about your wife’s life!”

Ye Yuqing became angry all at once. She has seen too many scumbags like this. In order to have an incense stick, she ignored his wife’s life. .

Whoever followed such a man is really bloody.

Lin Fan didn’t bother to talk nonsense with him, instead he gave a gloomy warning:

“I just say one thing, if you dare to move my child without my permission, I want you to die!”


Ye Yuqing’s face turned green with anger, and his wife is like this. He actually only thinks about his own child. This guy is simply cold-blooded!

“Yuqing, what are you talking nonsense with him? Since he wants to kill his wife, let him go!”

A man with glasses next to him the doctor said harshly:

“Also make our chief doctor not die? You can try it! This is a city-level hospital. Do you know how serious it is to be in trouble here?”
“Believe it or not to catch you and go shooting?”

But Lin Fan didn’t take his suit at all, and sneered:

“What about the municipal hospital? My wife and children have a shortcoming. I will let your hospital be closed down!”


The male doctor changed his expression first, and then smiled contemptuously:

“Only you? Do you think you are the leader of the city? Or the number one in the province?”

The other doctors also sneered, as if they had heard a big joke.

Their city-level hospital has a history of a hundred years. It is a veritable government agency. Lin Fan said they were closed down?

This is really the most ridiculous joke they have heard!

“Zhu Wei, stop making a noise.”

Ye Yuqing glared at Zhu Wei. Zhu Wei deliberately angered the patient’s family members like this would only make things worse.

The first thing now is to persuade Lin Fan to give up keeping the fetus.


The male doctor named Zhu Wei looked at Lin Fan contemptuously, and said aggressively:

“Since you insist on saving a stillborn baby, then hurry up and drag your wife away. Don’t die in our hospital bed, it’s unlucky, it’s ruining the reputation of our hospital!”

“I want to see, how many catties you have, can bring a stillborn baby back to life!”

Heard this!

Baishan and Shen Yumei were also panicked!


At this moment, Shen Yumei directly knelt down to Lin Fan, crying and begging:

“Lin Fan, I’m begging you! You just listen to the doctor. Save Bai Yi!”

“There will be children in the future. Our family will compensate you as a cow and a horse, okay?”

But her biological daughter!

It is a piece of meat that fell off her body!

How can she bear to watch her die?

“Hehe, if you see it, your mother-in-law doesn’t believe you!”

Zhu Wei smiled gleefully, and deliberately watched Lin Fan’s joke.

And now, seeing this, Lin Fan hurriedly helped Shen Yumei up, and said with a wry smile:

“Mom, for so many years, you still don’t know what I think about Bai Yi. Right?”

“Do you think I will harm her?”


Shen Yumei hesitated. Lin Fan’s efforts over the years are obvious to all.

As a great master, he was originally a god-level figure, and he is admired by all!

But for Bai Yi, willing to condescend to be a door-to-door son-in-law, this affection is of course needless to say.

“You really have a way to save them both at the same time?”

Shen Yumei looked at Lin Fan expectantly.

Lin Fan nodded and said firmly:

“Mom, believe me, there is a way!”

Just! As soon as said this, Zhu Wei laughed in disdain:

“Only you? Even our best group of doctors in the city is nothing, you think Reincarnation of your genius doctor?”


Lin Fan swept his eyes coldly, and stared at Zhu Wei firmly:

“Don’t compare me with you rubbish!”

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