Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1602

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Chapter 1602


Zhu Wei suddenly became angry, and his whole body exploded. He is a doctor graduated from a prestigious university and a veritable doctor.

Can the other party dare to say that he is trash?

Right now, he smiled viciously:

“Call the security guard and drive me out of their family, including the one on the bed who is going to die or not!”


Upon hearing this, Lin Fan and the others changed their colors. Even if they were kicked out, the other party wanted to kick Bai Yi out?

Bai Yi is a patient now!

Finally, she was rescued from the emergency room. Now she is going to be driven away. Doesn’t this mean Bai Yi’s death?

Her current body bones, how can she withstand the toss?

How can a person who is unable to save him be qualified to be a doctor?

“Zhu Wei, what are you talking nonsense! This lady is still in an unstable condition, how can I get her out?”

Ye Yuqing asked with a bad tone, and she was also very upset.

And Lin Fan on the side has no patience. Are you looking for death?

There is already a killing intent in the words.

It’s just that Zhu Wei didn’t care at all. Instead, he arrogantly provoked:

“Yes, I’m just looking for death. If you have the ability, you let me die?”
A man who ran a train with his mouth full said that he would close their hospital, and then he would die?

This cowhide is so loud!

But when he was proud, a roar suddenly came from outside the door:

“Then I will be as you wish!”

Everyone looked at the door in disbelief, and the moment they saw each other, they were as if they had been given a hold technique, and they were all dumbfounded.
“Mak…Doctor Mike!”

Zhu Wei’s legs were trembling frantically, looking at Mike in horror.

How could he not know this famous international doctor?

Now in Jiang City, the most famous besides the genius doctor Lin is Mike.

He is now the main person in charge of the Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital. This hospital not only saves the dead and heals the wounded, but also vigorously promotes the exchange of Chinese and Western medicine and the cultivation of doctors.

Even Zhu Wei had a class there!

However, not only that!

At this moment, another beautiful figure also walked in.


The audience took a breath, because the identity of the existence in front of them was also terrifying.

“That is, Yao Lao’s personal disciple, Li Xunran?”

Ye Yuqing said in astonishment, this is his idol.

“Oh my God, why did they come here? What happened?”

Everyone was stunned. How could these two famous doctors appear at the same time? In their hospital?

Isn’t this incredible?


Everyone looked at Mike and Li Xunran in awe and admiration.

For all doctors, these two are legendary figures in the medical field!

However, the next moment they were completely dumbfounded!

Because they suddenly saw that Mike led a dozen doctors and walked towards Lin Fan with a nervous and uneasy mood.

Then under their horrified gaze, Qi Qi bowed to Lin Fan:

“BOSS, all members of the Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital have arrived!”
“Please give me an order!”

All the doctors shouted in unison, their voices were full of endless respect, and the scene was extremely shocking!

As the words of Mike and others fell, the audience fell into a dead silence for an instant.

Ye Yuqing, Zhu Wei, and all the doctors in municipal hospitals were completely dumbfounded at this moment.

What did they see?

All the doctors at Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital are actually bowing to this guy?

And respectfully call it BOSS?

to know!

Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital is currently the best hospital in Jiangnan. It has gathered a large number of excellent Chinese and Western doctors from home and abroad, and the man in front of me turned out to be Ivan Chinese and Western medicine. The boss of the hospital?


In an instant, Zhu Wei was paralyzed to the ground with fright, his face was filled with astonishment and disbelief.

“Is that kidding?”

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