Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1604

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Chapter 1604

And now!

After Lin Fan got out of the hospital, he asked Long Jiu and the others to move and help him find several rare medicinal materials.

He plans to concoct medicine himself to treat Bai Yi!

His wife and children are not allowed to have a little difference!

Soon, Long Jiu called and told him that there was only one chain pharmacy in Jiang City with the medicinal materials Lin Fan said.

At the moment, Lin Fan drove to the pharmacy!

The prescription boss is a thin middle-aged man with a moustache, dressed as a mean rich man. Seeing Lin Fan come in, he said with extreme indifference:

“What to buy?” “


Lin Fan just said the names of those medicinal materials, which caused a contemptuous smile from the prescription owner:

“The medicinal materials you mentioned are available in my store, but they add up to almost over 100,000. Do you have that much money?”

Lin Fan dressed so poorly, just came over Ask the price.

He’s seen a lot of such dead and poor ghosts!

“When I walked in, I was so proud, but when I heard about the price, I went away in despair.”

Lin Fan saw the opponent’s contempt, but at this time he was too lazy to care about it, and directly slapped a bank card on the table:

“Swipe the card! Get the medicine! “


This time, the pharmacy owner held his glasses in astonishment, and finally looked at Lin Fan with his straight eyes.

“Do you really want to buy?”

In fact, these medicinal materials are not that expensive. You can buy them all for tens of thousands of dollars. Ten thousand yuan.

As a result, this guy didn’t even pay the counter-offer, so he just bought it?

Is this a local tyrant?

“Hurry up, I’m in a hurry to save people!”

Lin Fan said irritably, not having much patience at this time.

However, when he heard this, the pharmacy owner smiled unkindly to save people?

No wonder the other party did not bargain!

At the moment, he was greedy, and said with a wicked smile:

“I just remembered wrong, these medicinal materials are not one hundred thousand, but two hundred thousand!”
Sit up on the spot!
Because he knew that Lin Fan would never bargain, so who made Lin Fan need these medicinal materials to save his life?

His favorite thing to do is to take advantage of the fire. Anyway, Lin Fan is so rich, it is not a big deal to give an extra 100,000 yuan.

Lin Fan frowned, there was a little anger in his heart, but he still said coldly:

“Yes! Wrap it up!”


The pharmacy owner was stunned again, and he didn’t even make a counteroffer of 200,000?

Is this guy so proud?

At the moment, he is flushed with excitement. Today he met the God of Fortune. God made him a fortune. He can’t miss this opportunity!

“I remembered wrong again, these medicinal materials are not two hundred thousand, but five hundred thousand!”

The drugstore owner said with a smirk.

Lin Fan’s face was completely gloomy, and then said in a bad tone:

“Boss, you are sitting on the ground one after another and raising prices, is it too much?”
Does the other party regard him as a triumphant?

He wanted to save people, but the other party wanted to mess with him?

“If it’s too expensive, you don’t need to buy it. Anyway, it’s not me who is going to save people. Go out and turn left. Walk slowly and not get it!”

He said sinisterly, a pair of Lao Tzu. It’s as if I’m going to eat you.

Extremely shameless!

“The last price is 500,000 yuan! If you still want to sit on the ground and start the price, then don’t blame me for being rude!”

Lin Fan scolded with an ugly expression.

If the other party continues to make trouble, then he can only come hard.

“The boss is great! The boss looks like someone who does big things, I will help you pack the medicine now!”

The pharmacy boss laughed and suddenly changed his face. After speaking, he blew a small song contentedly, and went to prepare medicinal materials.

For no reason, I met a stupid man with a lot of money. He just made him hundreds of thousands in vain. He estimated that he could wake up tonight with a smile.


Just when Lin Fan thought he could finally buy medicinal materials, the mutation happened.

“Those medicinal materials, I will pay a million!”

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