Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1607

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Chapter 1607

However, this is only the beginning!

Xuanmi Technology!

Fuchun Food!

Lotte Entertainment!

The heads of local enterprises in Jiang City were forcibly taken away from their offices or homes and disappeared.

Throughout Jiang City, armed military vehicles entered and exited with great momentum.

Discerning people can see that they are offended people who shouldn’t offend.

At this time, in the drugstore, none of the elder brothers realized that they were in trouble.

still rebelliously yelled to Lin Fan:

“Hey, I said dead poor ghost, who are you called? We are almost impatient to wait!”
Lin Fan sneered and looked at the talking young man:

“So in a hurry to find death?”

“Fuck, are you looking for death!”
The young man suddenly became angry, and wanted to come up and teach Lin Fan a lesson.

But right now!

An old man walked in from the door, came to Lin Fan, bowed respectfully:

“Mr. Lin, here I am!”

Seeing this, everyone was taken aback first, and then burst into laughter!

“Trash, is this the helper you found? An old immortal?”

They are almost laughing crazy!

This is too funny!

After doing it for a long time, this guy turned out to be a half-stepped old man. What’s the use?

Help this waste call 120?

“You call me old and immortal?”

Long Jiu’s face suddenly sank, staring at that brother he lived this age, no one dared to call him One sentence is immortal.

The other party’s words directly offended Long Jiu to death.

These second generation ancestors, who can only eat and wait for death, usually only know how to eat, drink and have fun, and they don’t even know such big people.

And the brother-in-law smiled disdainfully:

“Yes, I just told you to be immortal, what’s the matter?”
“You are not dead, don’t be nosy, or I will hit you all over the floor looking for teeth!”


It’s just that he just said this, and he slapped his face hard.

Following the young man, he looked angrily at the hitter, but after seeing the other’s face, he was completely persuaded.

“Dad, you… why are you here?”

The person who beat him was his biological father.

And now, his father’s face is full of horror, his face pale as paper, he is almost scared to pee.

That face was completely distorted because of fear, and it looked particularly hideous and terrifying.

“You idiot, how dare you be rude to Long Lao? Do you want to die?”

This dog with no eyes, dare to say anything.

The old man in front of him can’t even offend him, and not only can’t offend him, the other party only needs one finger to kill his whole family.

“What old man, dad, what are you talking about?”

He was slapped, the son, brother, felt embarrassed in front of his friends, and asked dissatisfiedly.


His father gave him an angry slap again, and roared like crazy:

“As*hole thing, this old man is Long Lao, he is the commander-in-chief of our Jiangnan Long. Nine!”

“You dare to scold him, are you trying to kill me?”


His words directly shocked Jin Chengen and others, and their eyes were full of panic and shock.

Dragon… Dragon Nine?

The commander-in-chief of Jiangnan, holding one hundred thousand troops, can be regarded as the top dignitaries in Jiangnan.

Is this the old man in front of you?

No… Impossible!

The expressions of Jin Chengen and others were suddenly gray, and they couldn’t believe their ears.

Lin Fan, actually called the leader of a military district?


The shock has just begun!

One after another outside, they stumbled and were pushed out by a group of sergeants.



“Why are you here?”

Those rich second generations saw after them, they were all dumbfounded.

Because the people here are their biological parents!

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