Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1645

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Chapter 1645

A bloody tongue fell on the ground, and Lin Hongtu finally paid the price for the smell of his mouth.

Seeing this, Zhou Boxong suddenly gritted his teeth, and a deep hatred appeared in his eyes.

He can’t wait to smash Lin Fan into pieces!

But he knew that he couldn’t attack at this time, so he could only sternly attack his opponent:

“Take Lin Hongtu to the doctor!”

Then, he was said to Lin Fan coldly:

“Mr. Lin, I have something to do, let’s say goodbye!”

Seeing Lin Fan ignored it, Zhou Botong looked ugly and prepared go away.

“But when I arrived at the door, I ran into another group of people. The other party was surprised to see Zhou Botong and asked with a smile:”

“Xiao Zhou, how come I will leave? This banquet can’t be done without you!”

When seeing the other party, Zhou Botong bowed respectfully, and said:

“Old Lin!”
The person in front of you is Lin Hongtu!

“Young Master Lin, is this?”

Lin Hongtu saw Zhou Junyu who was covered in blood, and said in surprise.

Zhou Botong replied with an ugly face:

“The dog offended Mr. Lin, so he was injured.”

Mr. Lin?

Lin Hongtu was taken aback for a moment, and then looked at the scene, followed by his eyes on Lin Fan.

In an instant, Lin Hongtu and others understood everything, and a sharp look suddenly appeared in their eyes:
“Mr. Lin you said, wouldn’t it be him?” When heard this, Zhou Botong couldn’t help being stunned, and then immediately understood what he asked:

“Does Lin know this person?”

A sneer appeared at the corner of Lin Hongtu’s mouth:

“The wild species that my Lin family expelled, how could it not? Know?”


Upon hearing this, everyone present suddenly changed their expressions. Is this guy the Lin family?

They suddenly remembered that the Lin family did sweep an illegitimate child out of the house four years ago. Could it be the kid in front of him?

Oh my god!

In ten years, the abandoned youngster of the Lin family became a great master and killed his three brothers?

Is this guy here for revenge?

And at this time, Lin Hongtu patted Zhou Botong on the shoulder and said:

“Don’t worry, today I will call the shots for you and will not let your son be bullied in vain. .”

This statement came out!

The audience was in an uproar!

Is Lin Hongtu going to stand up for Zhou Botong?

Then, Lin Hongtu led a group of people and walked towards Lin Fan.

Seeing this, everyone in the audience suddenly showed a playful smile. Isn’t it a fratricidal scene about to be staged today?

And Zhou Botong on the side was also crazy. He didn’t expect that Lin Fan and the Lin Family would have such a deep hatred, and would hesitate to kill him?


When the Lin family gave him his head, this bastard is still alive?

Lin Hongtu looked at Lin Fan condescendingly, with disgust and hatred in his eyes, and said solemnly:

“Kneel down and apologize to Xiao Zhou!”

is a tone of command!

Bai Yi’s face was ugly and uneasy. She knew that Lin Fan’s relationship with the Lin family was not good, but she didn’t expect it to be so severe.

He looks like he can’t wait to put the other party to death!

And Lin Fan raised his head, glanced at Lin Hongtu faintly, and uttered an astonishing word:

“Get out!”


The atmosphere of the audience seemed to be ignited at this moment!

Everyone was horrified!

Lin Fan actually let Lin Hongtu go?

It’s too much to let the Patriarch of Tangtang Lin’s family go away, right?

“Little beast, do you dare to talk to your grandfather like this? I think you want to die!”

Lin Zhanli suddenly yelled and pointed to Lin Fan’s nose, Arrogant and arrogant.

It’s not the same if someone is backing up. At this time, facing Lin Fan again, he behaved like a different person.

But Lin Hongtu stopped Lin Zhanli, and then smiled unkindly:

“What is your anger with a dead person?”

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