Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1646

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Chapter 1646

When Lin Fan stepped into the imperial capital, he was already dead.

A dead person can only jump for a while.

At this time, Lin Hongtu looked at an old man beside him and said with a smile:

“Lao Zhang, it’s up to you!”


Lin Fan is looking at the middle-aged man with a big belly next to Lin Hongtu, his brows are tightly closed.

This person’s name is Zhang Jianjun, and Lin Hongtu will ask him to come forward. Naturally, he has a lot of background.

Because he is the head of the Food and Drug Administration, whether or not a pharmaceutical company in China can start business and whether or not a drug can be listed is all a matter of one sentence from him.

In other words, as long as he has a word, Lin Fan’s New Bai’s will have to shut down, and whether the vaccine can be launched depends on his mood.

Zhang Jianjun glanced at Lin Fan, but he was proud of his toes, and ordered:

“Your Xinbai’s is very good. You have independently produced the vaccine. In view of the country’s problems, I will find a time to arrange the transfer of the New Bai’s. I hope you will cooperate!” ?

And Lin Fan was also amused by the other party, and ridiculed:

“If you say transfer, then transfer, what kind of thing are you?”


Upon hearing this, the audience fell into a strange silence.
At this moment, everyone seemed to have seen a ghost, looking at Lin Fan in horror.

Does this guy know what he’s talking about?

This one in front of me can be called the dictator of the Chinese medicine industry!

In the medical world, that means one and the same existence!

Of all the doctors and deans present, which one should not look at his face to act?

Even Lin Hongtu has to be polite to him, but this guy dares to insult him in public?


This guy is a lunatic!

If you think you have the power of a great master, can you be defiant?

Zhang Jianjun belongs to the existence at the apex of power throughout China. He directly obeys the orders of the emperor. In Zhang Jianjun’s eyes, the great master can only be reduced to bodyguards and subordinates.

Lin Fan would be naive if he wanted to see himself upright and think that he could surpass Zhou Botong’s head.

Seeing Lin Fan dared to talk to Zhang Jianjun in this way, Lin Hongtu, Zhou Botong and others all smiled with gleeful misfortune.

The look in Lin Fan’s eyes is a little bit more sneer, this brainless kid doesn’t even know that he has broken the sky, right?

Immediately, Zhang Jianjun’s face also became very unsightly. It was the first time in so many years that anyone dared to speak to him like this.

“The new vaccine is of great significance to the country. How can it be controlled in private hands, of course it must be handed over to the country?”

“This kind of thing that benefits the people, Are you unwilling to do it? As doctors, do you have this awareness? Or do you only know that making a country difficult to make money!”
Lin Fan smiled, amused by the other’s shamelessness.

This top hat is well buttoned, as if Lin Fan would be a heinous traitor as long as he didn’t hand over the formula for the new vaccine.

At the moment, Lin Fan stared at Zhang Jianjun with a playful expression:

“Since you say that my new Bai family is meritorious, I shouldn’t make a small request too much. “

Hear the words!

Zhang Jianjun frowned, and said in a bad tone:

“What’s the requirement?”

Lin Fan said with a smile:
“Let your wife accompany me to sleep!”


Everyone seems to be staring at this moment, like a ghost expression.

Does this guy dare to talk such nonsense?

To sleep with Zhang Jianjun’s wife without shame?

Everyone is frightened at this time, this kid is here Do you deliberately pluck tiger’s whiskers?

Zhang Jianjun suddenly jumped into a rage, staring at Lin Fan fiercely:

“What did you say?”

“Since I have done something to benefit the country People’s affairs, shouldn’t it be too much to put forward such a small condition?”

Lin Fan sneered:

“Sacrificing your wife, you can save the whole world, you old knowing the righteousness will definitely agree, right? Otherwise, you will ignore the safety of the people and be selfish!”

Zhang Jianjun was furious, shivering with anger. This kid is cleverer than he thought, dares to humiliate him like this in public?

“Your old official rhetoric doesn’t work for me. Hand it over to the country? I think it is handed over to the Lin family?”

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