Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1648

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Chapter 1648


Yao Lao’s words directly numbed the scalp of all the big guys present, and their eyes were full of deep horror!

This… is this an illusion?

Yao Lao…Is it for this man?

Even more, even said that you have been admired for a long time?

What identity is Yao Lao? It is not an exaggeration to describe him as the No. 1 genius doctor of China. Now he still needs to look up to others’ names for a long time?

That polite look makes them feel like they are dreaming!

You know, there are two super bosses, Lin Hongtu and Zhang Jianjun, but Yao Lao didn’t even look at them, and greeted Lin Fan directly?

He is confused!

Everyone present is dumbfounded!

What exactly happened?

Damn, who can tell them what terrifying identity this young man has?

The moment Lin Hongtu and Zhang Jianjun saw this scene, their faces became gloomy.

The bad premonition in my heart is getting stronger and stronger!

Especially, when they saw Yao Laona look at Lin Fan, they looked like their grandson, and they were shocked!

Lin Fan, actually know Yao Lao?

“Yao Lao!”

Lin Fan also bowed to Yao Lao. As a junior, he also respected the old man in front of him from the heart.

And now!

Bai Yi was already dumbfounded, covering her mouth tightly, looking like hell.

Yao Lao is so kind to her husband?

Isn’t she dreaming?

However, what is even more frightening for everyone is yet to come!

Elder Yao gently patted Lin Fan on the shoulder, and said softly:

“Don’t worry, no one can help you with me today!”
Everyone was in an uproar, Yao Lao wanted to insist on this kid’s rhythm?

Right now, Yao Lao turned his head and faced Zhang Jianjun and others:

“From today, the old man will be the chief consultant of the new Bai’s. He wants to acquire them. It depends on the old man’s answer or not!”

Heard this!

Lin Hongtu and Zhang Jianjun’s faces can be as ugly as they are.

They all thought that Lin Fan was already the urn in their urn, but now they have killed a Yao Lao for no reason, ruining their good deeds!
At the same time, Yao Lao sneered and looked at Zhang Jianjun contemptuously:

“You just said that the Lin family is much stronger than the Xin Bai family, so now I will join the Xin Bai family. After that, who do you think is more powerful?”

Zhang Jianjun frowned, and then smiled embarrassingly:

“Yao Lao, don’t you make it difficult for me to do this? “

Lin Fan humiliated him like that just now. If this doesn’t clean up Lin Fan, how will he see people after Zhang Jianjun?

“If it’s hard to do, don’t do it. The essence of China Medical Association is to conduct academic exchanges, not to be a tool for some people to show off their power, let alone a murder weapon!”

His words were sharp and he had clearly understood everything, so Zhang Jianjun and Lin Hongtu weren’t given a good face at this time.

“This medical association was founded by me. Here, I have the final say!”

“From now on, Xinbai’s will be covered by my Huaxia Medical Association. , Whoever touches New Bai’s is to touch the China Medical Association!”

All the doctors shouted in unison and responded.

In the eyes of Doctor Hua Xia, Yao Lao is a great man, and he is what he says.

Zhang Jianjun and Lin Hongtu’s expressions were stiff, and their hearts were extremely shameful at this time, because they knew that as long as there was medicine, they would not be able to move the kid in front of them today.

Just now they confidently said that they wanted Lin Fan to be unlucky, but in a blink of an eye, Yao Lao slapped them in the face!

This is too shameful!

Immediately afterwards, Yao Lao snorted directly and said unceremoniously:

“You can get out!”

Heard the words!

Zhang Jianjun is worthy of being a man in the officialdom. His attitude has directly undergone a three hundred and sixty degree change, and he sneered:

“Don’t be angry, let’s get out of here now!”

As he said, he ignored Lin Hongtu, turned and left!

Just at the moment of turning around, there was a strong resentment in his eyes!

He Zhang Jianjun took down the account today!

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