Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1649

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Chapter 1649

Lin Hongtu had no face to stay here anymore, so he planned to turn around and leave.

But right now!


Lin Fan smiled and said, stopping Lin Hongtu and the others.


Lin Hongtu and others looked back, staring at Lin Fan suspiciously, but sneered contemptuously:

“Why, you rubbish still want to do something here. Nothing?”

If Lin Fan did something here, it would be a catastrophe!

No matter what his status, he can’t escape death!

Today’s medical association is of national concern. If Lin Fan dares to blatantly kill people here, it doesn’t matter if he has the identity of Tongtian or not.

It is impossible for the senior management of China to turn a blind eye!

Even Yao Lao couldn’t help but frown, for fear that Lin Fan would really drive out the murderous stupid thing on impulse.
But at this moment, a weird smile appeared on Lin Fan’s face, and then he threw a plastic bag out:

“This is what I gave to you Lin Family Prepared gift!”

The plastic bag rolled down to Lin Hongtu’s feet.

Lin Hongtu frowned, but he dared not move for a while.

Isn’t this a bomb?

With this kid’s crazy personality, it’s really possible to throw a bomb directly to blow them up.

“Fucking mystery, I want to see what the hell you are doing!”

At this time, Lin Zhanfei gave a cold snort of disdain, and then directly opened the plastic bag.


Follow along!

There was a sound of inhaling air-conditioning resounding in the field, and everyone was shocked at this moment.

Because there is a human head there!

Lin Zhanli also screamed screaming, and directly sat on the ground, her face pale as a piece of paper for a moment.

“Jiang…Jiang Chao???”

Lin Jiangxing pushed away the favor and threw himself down in front of the head, then the old man wept in tears:

“My son, my son!”

The stern cry was so hoarse, as if he was about to die.

Everyone felt extremely horrified at this moment. After Lin Fan killed his three brothers, did he start to deal with his uncle’s heirs?
Oh my God!

They never thought that the ultimate enemy of the Lin family would be the Lin family!

A waste of little waste will upset the entire Lin family?

This is incredible!

“Lin Fan, you damn bastard!”

Lin Hongtu gritted his teeth, and he looked like he wanted to smash Lin Fan into pieces. This guy lost it at this time. Isn’t Lin Jiangchao’s head just to slap him in the face in front of others?

Lin Fan smiled evilly, looking at the Lin family’s expressions of fear or anger, only to feel comfortable drinking a glass of ice drink.

“You sent this rubbish to Jiangnan to kill me, and now I will return him to you!”

Lin Fan grinned and stared fiercely at every Lin family present. :

“At the same time, I would like to remind you that from now on in Jiangnan, your Lin family are not allowed to take a half step!”

“Come on, I will kill one!” I am a pair, I will kill a pair!”


These words, like a thunderstorm, resounded through the audience in an instant!

Everyone present was shocked!

What a domineering rhetoric!

Didn’t pay attention to the Lin family at all!

These big guys are used to seeing big winds and waves, but they have never seen such an arrogant person!

Hearing these humiliating words, Lin Hongtu was about to crush his teeth, and there was a thick and cruel look in his eyes!
Want to smash Lin Fan into pieces!

“I want to kill you, I want to kill you!!!”

Lin Jiang roared hysterically, watching his son’s misery, he was completely crazy.


Lin Hongtu stopped him, staring at Lin Fan with cold eyes:

“If you can leave the imperial capital alive, I, Lin Hongtu, write the words upside down!”

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