Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1650

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Chapter 1650

No need to speak too much!

Lin Hongtu’s words have already expressed his attitude.

Lin Fan, must die!

Otherwise, the Lin family will become the laughing stock of the entire China!

“Let’s go!”

Lin Hongtu roared and took his resentful brother and left the meeting place.

And now!

Zhang Jianjun also took a deep look at Lin Fan, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.

As if looking at a dead person!


Lin Fan still smiled brightly, as if he had never been so happy in his life.

Bai Yi’s face was pale, and she only felt how strange Lin Fan was at this time.

Killing someone, she can still laugh?

What has Lin Fan experienced? What kind of person he was originally.

“Brother Lin, you are too impulsive! How can you humiliate Lin Hongtu in public? You may not be able to leave the imperial capital now.”

Yao Lao sighed. , A worried look.

Lin Fan is simply a rare genius in the Chinese medical field in a century. If he died like this, it would be a great loss for Huaxia Medical.

Since Lin Hongtu has put down his cruel words, he will definitely not give up. Even if Lin Fan is a great master, he is afraid that he will not escape this disaster.
Lin Fan said softly and relievedly:

“Lao Yao, please rest assured, since I dare to come to the imperial capital, naturally I am fully prepared. The Lin family can’t hurt me. Of.”


Yao Lao sighed, and could only nod his head:

“I hope so!”

He has made up his mind, and he will go back this time. Arrange manpower and use all of his own means to protect Lin Fan to the death.

Then, he pulled Li Xunran over and said at the same time:

“This is my youngest disciple. You two young people should be close and close, so what do you need in the future? I’ll help, you just ask her to contact me.”

Li Xunran stretched out her hand flexibly, preparing to shake hands with Lin Fan.

But at this time Bai Yi took the lead in holding Li Xunran’s hand, and said with a smile:

“I think it’s fine for me to get close to Miss Li. After all, my husband doesn’t care if he is not in the New Baishi.”


Old Yao was stunned, and looked at Lin Fan beside him with a stupefied expression.

And Lin Fan also laughed blankly, is this woman jealous?

Bai Yi is indeed jealous. Before Lin Fan was a family cook, she naturally didn’t worry about it.

But now that she knew that Lin Fan was the Great Master, she was always worried that Lin Fan would let other women take it away.

And this Li Xunran, the figure and appearance are not inferior to her, how can Bai Yi not be wary?

Yao Lao reacted, and then laughed loudly:

“Same, all the same!”


All the doctors and deans present hurriedly stepped forward to talk with Lin Fan and his wife, their faces filled with flattery and flattery.

In their view, young people who deserve to be treated so seriously by Yao Lao must have a great future.

Don’t fawn at this time, but when will you stay!

In the middle of the night, the banquet finally ended!

Yao Lao asked Li Xunran to provide accommodation for Bai Yi and Lin Fan and send them to the pre-arranged accommodation.


After the driver drove for half an hour, they entered a block!

“It’s strange, Yuanyang Street used to be overcrowded at this time. Why is it so quiet today?”

Li Xunran looked at this street suspiciously. This is the Imperial Capital. The famous downtown streets are bustling with excitement at this time, and people are everywhere!

But today, it is surprisingly sparsely populated!
At this moment, Lin Fan sneered, staring at the driver with a playful expression:

“Master, you don’t need to go through Yuanyang Street to get to the hotel, right?”
In an instant!

The atmosphere has dropped to freezing point!

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