Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1651

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Chapter 1651

At this time, Li Xunran also noticed something wrong, and said angrily:

“You Not a staff member of the hotel, who are you?”

“The one who killed you!”

The driver suddenly showed a fierce look, and then turned around in an instant. The handle sharply pierced Bai Yi directly.

See it!

Bai Yi suddenly lost her color!

At this time, Lin Fan had already noticed it, and a hand knife slammed directly down in anger.


The assassin’s wrist snapped suddenly, and he let out a painful scream.

“You damn it!”

Lin Fan strangled his throat with one hand, and said murderously.

Then, with a sudden squeeze, he squeezed his throat off!

The assassin didn’t even snorted, so he broke his breath and died suddenly on the spot.

Bai Yi was already terrified, and her Jiao body was shivering constantly. At that moment, she really felt like she was going to die.

The blade was only a few centimeters away from her face door.
And when he saw Lin Fan killing someone, she was almost paralyzed by fright, it was the first time she saw such a cold-blooded Lin Fan.

It is like a devil!

“Why did you want to kill him? I haven’t asked who is behind him.”

Li Xunran said dissatisfied.

Lin Fan glanced at her and said:

“Since the other party dared to come, he clearly didn’t want to go back alive, so how could he tell the truth?”
“One more thing, he clearly came for me, but shot my wife, which already shows that he has known that he is not my opponent. Someone told him that I am a great master.”

“Moreover, it must be the Lin Family!”

The Lin Family?

Li Xunran shook suddenly, and said with horror in her eyes:

“They are so courageous, how dare they kill people in the street?”

She knew the Lin Family Club Revenge for Lin Fan, but she didn’t expect the other party’s revenge to come so quickly and so blatantly.

It’s almost as if the laws and rules are not taken into account.

Lin Fan smiled, and a playful look appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“You underestimated the Lin family’s ability, and underestimated their hatred for me.”

“Well, you can send my wife home first!”


Lin Fan took the initiative to open the door, ready to walk down.

Li Xunran suddenly panicked and said in horror:

“Good show, it’s just beginning now!”

Li Xunran, even though her face sank, knew that she could not help Lin Fan here, even if she pushed the corpse out of the car and then turned around the front of the car galloped away.

And Li Xunran’s actions also shocked everyone present.

“Second Lord, do you want to stop them?”

Asked Lin Jiangxing.

Lin Jiangxing’s eyes were full of hatred, but he just stared at Lin Fan:

“Don’t worry about them, kill this bastard first!”
Now he only wants to take Lin Fan’s head, but as for the others, he doesn’t care at all.

“Wait for this little beast to live and die, his wife Bai Yi is not a pallet fish, let it be slaughtered?”

Lin Zhaohe also came forward, smiling grinningly Tao.

And now!

Lin Fan went deep into Yuanyang Street step by step, but his eyes looked deep into the deepest part of Yuanyang Street!

Because in the deepest part of Yuanyang Street is the Lin Family!

Back then, he was driven out on this street, but now does the Lin family want to kill him on this street?

He wanted to tell Lin Fan that the Lin family was able to drive Lin Fan out of this street, and they can kill Lin Fan in this street today!

Lin Fan, laughed!

“You guys, what are you waiting for?”

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