Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1653

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Chapter 1653

Blood…Blood Hell?? ?

When this word fell into the mouths of everyone, they suddenly seemed crazy, their bodies trembling crazily!

A pair of eyes seemed to split from the eye sockets.

He heard it wrong, it must be a mistake!

The dignified blood prison, the only overlord of the underground world, how could they help this kid?

“Impossible, it is impossible!”

Lin Jiangxing was also panicked, and shook his head, his eyes lingering fear and shock!

The people Lin Fan brought are the dignified blood prison army?

Then isn’t he…

At this time, Lin Jiangxing didn’t even have the courage to continue thinking about it!

“Blood Prison Mad God, Blood Lord, Blood Buddha, Blood Shura…All the strongest of the blood prison, all are here!”

“He…he who the hell is it! Why can I order the entire blood prison?”

“Damn! What kind of existence the Lin family provokes!”

All the great masters, at this time I felt extremely horrified, and was completely shocked by the scene before me!

These are the strongest in the blood hell!

At this moment, there are twelve at this moment, and each one is a great master!

Especially the bloody mad god!

Legend has it that this monster can rival the three great masters alone, extremely powerful!

With these existences helping Lin Fan, the eight of them are afraid they will not escape.

Many great masters regret that they should not take this business, because it seems that it is destined to be a loss-making business at the moment!

Everyone could not imagine that Lin Fan, who was originally like a pallet fish in their eyes, could reverse the overall situation and order the entire blood hell to help him!

At this time!

A pair of eyes full of horror fell on Lin Fan together, and everyone was going crazy.

Who the hell is this man! ! !

At this moment, the blood prison mad god and others knelt together in front of Lin Fan.

Then all bowed and saluted to Lin Fan, shouting in unison:

“Wang, we are here!”


The horror in everyone’s eyes became more intense, and they were shaking all over, looking at Lin Fan extremely uneasy.

There was a panic of extreme horror in his heart!

It was almost scared to pee!

At this time, Lin Fan was under the horrified gazes of everyone, he smiled and said:

“Introduce myself, I am Lin Fan, and I am also… the king of the blood prison!”

The King of Blood Prison?

When the word came to everyone’s mind, everyone felt the thunder and thunder, and they trembled wildly.

Lin Fan, turned out to be the King of the Blood Prison?

This is impossible! This is absolutely impossible!

Lin Jiangxing and Lin Zhaohe are both petrified on the spot at this time, and they appear in their eyes Deep panic.

This scene made them desperate!

That is the only king of the underground world, how could it be the waste that their Lin family abandoned?

At this time, they, suddenly remembered why the King of the Blood Prison did not hesitate to betray their Lin family for the sake of a little new Bai family.

It turned out!

Lin Fan is the King of Blood Prison!

Shouldn’t be an enemy with it, this is looking for death!

The faces of the brothers Lin Jiangxing and Lin Zhaohe are no fiercer, but some are just endless fear.

Lin Fan is the King of the Blood Prison. This news is absolutely terrible news for their Lin family!

That is a behemoth that can compete with the Lin family!

Why… how could this be?

At this time, all the white people’s brains are blank!

They couldn’t believe that Lin Fan, who had a strong killing intent on their Lin family, turned out to be the king of the underground world!

This guy, what has gone through all these years!

He actually stood at the same level as their Lin family in just ten years?

It’s not just them!

Even the great masters who have been invited, at this time, are like eating a fly, their faces are green.
“Idiots! The people of the Lin family are idiots!”

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