Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1654

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Chapter 1654

“Even the king of the blood prison dare to offend, you think Die, I don’t want to die!”

“Fuck your mother’s Lin Family, are you planning to let Lao Tzu be cannon fodder? I’m not doing it!”

Grandmaster, just turn your head and leave without saying a word. They don’t have the courage to contend with this man who is known as the strongest man in the world.

Even if they are great masters!

Because the opponent’s blood mad god is enough for them to drink a pot, let alone the dark emperor who cultivated the blood mad god.

And see here!

The great masters of the Lin family sighed deeply, and a look of sorrow appeared in their eyes:

“Could it be that God is going to kill my Lin family?”
Ten years to create a dark emperor, then 20 years? How about thirty years?

What is their Lin family against? Is destined to be a dead end!

The Lin family dug a grave with their own hands and buried themselves in it!

“Blood Prison Hearing Order!”

Lin Fan yelled at this moment.

At this moment, he is not the son-in-law of the Bai family!

It is not the Lin family’s waste!

But the uppermost dark emperor!


A neat roar, resounding across the sky!

Like thunder!


Lin Jiangxing and Lin Zhaohe were paralyzed to the ground in fright, their faces were completely gone.

Then, Lin Fanyao pointed to the front, his eyes were like a dragon, and he said word by word: “Blood wash the mandarin duck street, don’t leave one!”
Murderous, instantly violent!

Crazy and raging!


Those great masters who were about to leave suddenly looked shocked!

“We are hired, we have no grievances and no grudges against you, let us leave!”

One of the great masters pleaded, and at this time he was almost paralyzed in fright. !

Facing the Dark Emperor, they didn’t even have the courage to resist.


Without waiting for Lin Fan’s answer, the blood prison mad gods and other powerhouses have all swooped out and started a frantic massacre.


At the same time!

In the Lin family, Lin Hongtu and Lin Zhanli are opening a bottle of excellent vintage red wine, and they are sitting on the sofa pushing their glasses to change.

Both father and son have a relaxed smile on their faces, as if years of problems have finally been solved.

“Why is it going to be doing so long?”
Lin Hongtu said with an unhappy expression. He was still waiting for the Lin Family to come to see him with Lin Fan’s great head, but no one came to see him.

“Dad, what are you anxious about? That kid killed Jiang Chao, and the second uncle will definitely not spare him lightly. At this time, I guess I was torturing him?”

Lin Zhanfei smirked, and took a sip of wine at the same time, not worried at all.

In his opinion, Lin Fan is already dead.

Hearing this, Lin Hongtu also felt like this, and said fiercely:

“It is true that you can’t make the crap so light, otherwise, how can I be worthy of the three of me? The grandson’s spirit in the sky?”

“Call your second uncle and let him conduct a live broadcast. I want to see the life and death of that little beast with my own eyes!”

Lin Hongtu’s face is wide with a strong murderous intent, it seemed that he couldn’t wait to see Lin Fan’s death.

“That must be wonderful!”

Lin Zhanli smiled, he dialed the number of General Lin, but he made several calls, but failed to connect.

Then, he called Lin Zhaohe and the others, but none of them were connected without exception.

“Dad, nothing is connected!”

Lin Zhanji frowned, the smile on his face disappeared, and he said uneasy:

“Dad, do you think there will be any accidents?”

It stands to reason that Lin will do what they are, it is impossible to hear the phone ringing.


Lin Hongtu suddenly snorted and said angrily:
“My Lin family came out in full force, and also invited a large number of foreign aid. There are as many as eight great masters alone. What can be the surprise?”

“Can you think of you?”

“Can the waste that was born be one enemy to eight? You too overestimate him, right?”


The voice just fell!

“Patriarch, something is wrong!”

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