Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1655

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Chapter 1655

An elderly man dressed as a slave stumbled in., Covered in blood, with a broken arm, knelt in front of Lin Hongtu with a thump.

Lin Hongtu and his son were shocked and asked:

, “Steward Xu, what happened?”

There was a wave in the eyes of

. The panic that does not go away is like seeing a ghost:

“Enemy attack! Is it an enemy attack?”

Enemy attack?

The father and son were completely stunned, and felt as if they had heard a fantasy story.

Enemy attack?

What’s this kidding?

Who is the Lin family, who dares to attack them?

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Lin Zhanli was immediately angry. This is simply nonsense. Let alone no one dared to launch an enemy attack on them, even if they did, that would have long since died under the range of the Lin family master.

They can’t even enter the gate of Lin’s house!


Lin Hongtu frowned, and said:

“Steward Xu, you should make things clear!”

If it was not an enemy attack, then Steward Lin how did it end up like this?

One arm was chopped off, and the whole person was half-worn!

And Butler Xu said nervously:

“Patriarch, young man, what I said is true! He has broken through the door and is coming here, you guys. Run away!”


Lin Zhanli’s face turned pale with a sigh, the other party has already breached the door?

How is this possible?

Right now, he screamed excitedly:

“This is impossible! What about the masters in Yuanyang Street, didn’t they stop them?”

Steward Xu He shook his head bitterly:

“I don’t know the situation on Yuanyang Street. I only know that the only master of the Lin family today can’t stop the monster at all. He will arrive here soon! Patriarch! , If you don’t leave again, it’s too late!”

Hear the words!

Lin Hongtu’s face suddenly became extremely ugly. Could it be that someone knew of their Lin family’s actions today, so they planned to fish in troubled waters?

But looking at the entire China, who has such courage?

“Steward Xu, how many people are here?”

Lin Hongtu asked with a gloomy face.

The next words of Steward Xu shocked Lin Hongtu and his son!

“The other party, there is only one person!”


The eyes of the father and son are almost staring out.

There are hundreds of masters in the Lin family. If the opponent is just one person, they can kill hundreds of them.

If they hadn’t seen the tragic situation of Steward Xu at the moment, they would definitely think that Guan Shi was lying!

Because of all this, it is really incredible!

It is incredible!

Lin Hongtu hesitated for a moment, and then said in a deep voice:

“What is there to be afraid of if the other party has only one person? Take me to find him. I have to see where he is. The ghosts and monsters here!”

There is only one person on the other side, but this is the place of their Lin family. Just delay for a while and wait for the matter on the Yuanyang Street to be resolved.

The other party has become their Lin family’s turtle in the urn and can be slaughtered at will!


Right now!

“No need to look for it, I’m already here!”

A voice full of contempt, instantly resounded throughout the hall!

Hearing this voice, Butler Xu suddenly trembled and the expression on his face completely solidified.

At this time, he didn’t even have the courage to look back!


Completely finished!
And Lin Hongtu and Lin Zhanli frowned, they were particularly surprised.

How does this voice sound so familiar?

Follow along!

They saw a figure and walked in directly!

Lin Fan!

The pupils of the father and son shrank severely, and a deep horror suddenly appeared on their faces, obviously frightened.


This is impossible!

How could this guy appear here?

“You…you are not dead?”

Lin Zhan’ai took two steps back in horror, every hair on his body was standing upside down, almost paralyzed by fright.

And Lin Fan also sneered and asked:

“You…want me to die?”

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